Want To Avoid Hair-Split Ends? Let’s Beat Them Together

How to avoid hair-split ends: Did you know that all humans have around 150,000 hair follicles on their scalp with every follicle having the ability to continue growing hair for up to 3-5 years? The hair dryers, hair straighteners and various hair styling products like gels and serums, being put to use day in and day out; really play foe to those glossy, flirtatious locks that you once possessed.You need to improve the health of hairs to avoid split ends

So, how to improve hair health? However, all is not lost! Just open that pantry and kitchen cabinet to solve hair-split ends issue and we will help you create magic without having to lose a single inch of hair in the name of trimming. First let us explain as to what is meant by split ends?

How To Improve Hair Health

Split Ends is also called ‘trichoptilosis’ in the world of science. It is splitting of hair fiber along its longitudinal plane due to a damaged cuticle over the surface. It can be of three types:

  • Only at ends of hair fibers.
  • At multiple points along a single hair strand.
  • At the middle of hair strands which appears as a hole

Causes Of Hair-Split Ends

  • Sun and heat exposure
  • Swimming in chlorine containing pool of water
  • Over brushing of hair
  • Back combing and pulling of hair in a vigorous manner
  • Rough use of towel to dry hair after a wash
  • Use of low quality hair dyes and combs
  • Exposing wet hair to hot tools

Finally it is time to step into your kitchen and get going.

The Creamy Milk Magic

Take one tablespoon full of fresh thick cream and mix it in with half a cup of milk. Shampoo your hair really well and then put this tonic on. Remember to massage it with outward strokes concentrating it on the hair ends and avoiding the roots. Leave this on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off.

The Papaya Spell

You would love to be awe stricken by the spell a papaya can cast on your locks! Wouldn’t you? Then here’s the trick. Add papaya pulp to half a cup of yogurt and blend them well till you get a pasty texture. Apply this wonderful mask to the mid portions and ends of hair strands. Rinse it out well after waiting for 20minutes.Enjoy the buoyancy and luster you so longed for.

The Avocado Awe

Like eating avocados? May be it is time to massage some too. Use a fork to mash avocado in a bowl and apply it to hair ends letting it stay on for about half an hour. Do remember to dampen your hair first and then part them carefully while massaging the fruit. When it is time, wash it out thoroughly.

The Beer Drench

Of course you read it right! The good old beer has something more to it than just taste. It is an excellent form of conditioner once you are done with shampooing your hair. Allow it time to soak in well and then rinse off. Flaunt the sheen all you want because it is actually for real.

The Castor Oil Charisma

Warm up, on a water bath, some castor oil, olive oil and mustard oil. Take equal proportions of all three and rub them onto your hair well. Use a shower cap to cover up the entire head letting the oils seep in completely. Do shampoo the hair thoroughly after 45 minutes.

Honey ‘The Healer’

Add a tablespoon full of honey to half a cup of yogurt and mix well. Let this mask stay in contact with hair strands, concentrating it near the ends for half an hour followed by a simple rinse. Yeah! The astounding gleam is all yours.

The Chamomile Tea Trick

Boil some chamomile tea bags in a pot of water and let it cool down. Now rinse your precious tresses with the brewed tea mixture for as long as you want followed by the usual shampooing and conditioning.

The Coconut Oil Charm

Rub some Luke warm oil onto the hair ends and roots. Tie your hair up in a bun covering them with a towel. Now make yourself busy for the next 30 minutes after which you are free to wash the rejuvenated locks. This an amazing remedy to tame the frizz too.

The ‘Eggy’ Eggs

We saved the best for the last! Yes our very own favorite eggs are absolute show stoppers. Here are various ways of making the most of them:

  • Beat an egg well and add a spoon full of water to it. Use this mixture as a shampoo.
  • Mix two eggs with orange juice and mashed banana pulp. Apply it to your hair as a pack and rinse it off after 30 minutes.
  • Make a hair mask using an egg, honey and olive oil. Massage the mix into your hair, letting it set in for up to 45 minutes followed by a simple rinse.

Cure Hair-Split Ends: Eating Healthy Is A Way To Luxurious Locks

Fill in your plate with dark green vegetables, beans, cashew nuts, salmon, almonds, avocados, eggs and oysters munching your way to healthy hair.

  • Salmon is an amazing protein diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids and iron.
  • Try flax seeds powder instead of salmon if you are a strict vegetarian, in order to obtain similar benefits.
  • Green vegetables are full of vitamin A and C, both of which enable the scalp to produce sebum. This keeps the hair shiny and enriched.
  • Nuts like pecans, almonds and cashew nuts are an excellent source of selenium and zinc, minerals essential for the health of hair.
  • Walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid, another magical ingredient for the scalp.
  • Eggs carry Vitamin B-12 and biotin that are extremely nourishing for the hair.
  • Oysters are a good means of obtaining zinc, the mineral essential for hair growth. If you are a vegetarian, do not worry, you can get enough zinc from chickpeas or pumpkin seeds.

The lustrous tresses are all yours for the taking, seeing is believing.

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