How To Strengthen Bond With Your Children

One of the toughest jobs on earth is parenthood. Parenthood is all about nurturing the kids, caring about their needs and fulfilling your responsibilities. In home child care is 24/7 job. Being a parent we aspire to provide all the luxuries and best of the best of everything to our children but have we ever given a second thought to this state of idealism? Do these worldly objects matter or is it something else that matters to the tender ages of childhood? Well if I tell my personal experience I would say that it’s your precious “time” that renders cherishable moments to the childhood of every child. Those special moments that you spend with your child are always prized and treasured by him.

An asset of memories that can be apprized by the child all his life is no match to the worldly objects we bestow our children with. The time we spend with our children, making them learn in an unconventional manner plays a profound role in their character building and personality grooming. The manners you make them learn at home cannot be learnt in any institution of the world. No teacher can boost a confidence in your child as you can do by applauding and praising a child for his  efforts in achieving his goals and providing him with all the support and essential materials. So today we are going to learn 10 ways by which we can strengthen our bond with our child and build a healthy and positive relationship.

 1. Be Polite And Patient

Well to say the truth, parenthood is the other name of patience. Just like the two faces of a coin with head and tail on each side, patience and parenthood hold the same analogy. Without being patient to the fidgeting demands of your child, you cannot be a good parent or role model for your child. Things that are said in a polite manner have more profound impact on a child’s psyche and tone down the bullish attitude and ward off stubbornness from a child’s behavior.

2. Celebrate Little Joys Of Life

Most of us invest  money in insurance schemes to attain  prodigious commodities in life, such as to build a house in a posh locality, to buy a latest model car or a  branded gadget but we forget to celebrate little moments or occasions in life that can add value to our life as well as to our relationships and make us believe that  at the end of the day it’s the people that matters, for if you have no family to celebrate anything in life than what  joy these materialistic things can bring to your life. So start celebrating little moments in life that can be cherished by your child later in the life and make him realize the value of “togetherness”. Take your children on a drive or watch movie with them at home or in a cinema or ask them to call friends at home and have a party.

3Personality Grooming/Confidence Building

The only way to build confidence in your child is to support him through thick and thin and praise him for things he hasn’t achieved yet but still strived for because it’s the spirit rather than the result that counts. Even if the child doesn’t get a number one position, don’t whine over it or demoralize his efforts, rather make him believe that everything can be accomplished with dedication and perseverance; he should inculcate these traits in his personality and success will come automatically.

Also groom your child’s personality by inseminating him with positive virtues as to respect elders and forbade belittling anyone on the basis of materialistic things. Educate him as to how to cope with multicultural society.

4. Involve In Religious Activities

Well religion seems to be a secondary thing in today’s life and running after worldly objects has taken the lead but believe me religion keeps you on the right track and don’t let you sway from the right path. Plus it adds positivity to life and averts depression because when we aren’t able to achieve our ascertained goals or lag behind in the rat race for money, we start manifesting depression in our lives, so engage your children in religious activities and build their faith in hereafter world so that they know that one day they will be judged for their acts. Teach them the virtues of sacrifice, patience and selflessness and curtail their minds from being money minded.

5. Outdoor Games

Engage children in outdoor games. Make them join football, cricket or swimming clubs so that they develop a healthy mind and body and participate yourself as well because it  will boost confidence and escalate their interest in these games, plus spending hours in front of TV or laptop draws out creativity from the  mind ,leaving them empty minded and leading a sedentary lifestyle. These  outdoor games have a pivotal role in boy’s lives.

6. Book Reading

Although most  of the knowledge is accessible through internet these days but books have their own significance in our lives. Read a story book to your child before going to bed. This activity will develop love for books and will fore fend them from early exposure to inappropriate material available on the net.

7. Make Snacks With Children

Since most of the children love fast food or go nuts for junk food, ask them to help you out in making these eatables at home so that it’s healthy and hygienic. Bring them on board and ask them to help you in making stuff at home such as help you  in laying out the dining table or hand over things to you from the refrigerator or clear the mess from the counters. This way they will develop interest in cooking and will know the implications of health and hygiene.

8. Help In Studies

Since children have to face tough competition regarding studies now a  days and it’s important that they don’t lose interest in studies just because the topics are incomprehensible, so help them and guide them in their studies. Instead of arranging for a tutor, spend some hours with your child so that you know where exactly he’s losing grasp on the topics and where he needs to revise or clear his concepts. This will keep you in touch with their progress report after all you are enduring all the hardships for their better future and education and if they fail, you fail.

9. Reduce The Generation Gap

The teenage is the most sensitive age of our lives as we are going through hormonal changes and most of us start thinking that we know everything better than our parents.  Most of the teenagers are overpowered by the peer pressure for latest gadgets or start indulging in activities related to fashion and styling. Overnight they become obsessed with their looks and start imitating actors or actresses. We need to understand such behavior and instead of getting one on one with them, listen to their heart and try to abridge the generation gap because almost everyone goes through the same phases in life.

10. Parental Control

Although it’s a common notion that today’s children have outsmarted us in intelligence and are much brighter and knowledgeable than us but still they are children. Over or early exposure to web related information may impart negative consequences on their frail minds so it is utmost important that we keep strict parental control on their activities or occasionally they may hang out with so-called friends that are engaged in nefarious activities.

So it is, therefore, most important that we try to spend as much time as possible with our kids so they can be raised into productive individuals that can contribute positively to the society.

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