An Overview On Protection Against Sore Throat In children

A child aged two to five years complaining of pain in his throat while swallowing, showing reluctance to feed, feeling tired and feverish is a very common occurrence these days and a cause of concern for the parents. This episode of sore throat in children occurring repeatedly is a nuisance for the parents and damaging to the child’s health and growth. These children due to a decreased appetite feel tired throughout the day and so lag behind in their homework. They also need to take days off from school as the repeated sore throat deteriorates their health.

Sore Throat In Children: What Is The Commonest Cause Of Sore Throat?

Sore throat is usually allergic in nature; the child develops sore throat after having an episode of flu. This usually occurs at the same time every year when the weather is changing. The child is exposed to allergen in the air like pollen, or he has a pet at home or his pillow. Thus, you as a mother need to watch the timing of the illness.

Sore Throat In Children: How To Manage Allergy?

Treatment is to remove the allergen from the child’s surroundings after identifying it. In case of the weather, the child may be given an anti-allergy before the weather begins to change. Anti- allergy syrups usually have sedatives in them which may put your child to sleep so use them very cautiously. It is always a good idea to prevent an illness rather than treat it.

What Is The Second Common Cause Of Sore Throat in Children?

The next reason for commonly occurring sore throat is viral. This may be confusing as the symptoms tend to overlap each other. Look for low grade fever around 99F or 100F, dry cough and an illness lasting for around ten days. The child looks tired and weak. Viral illness is self-resolving but takes about two weeks to go away. The child requires supportive treatment for pain and fever. Syrups containing antipyretic and analgesic components reduce the inflammation at the site of infection thus providing relief to your child’s throat, making eating and swallowing easier.

When And Why Does Sore Throat in Children Complicate?

In case the child develops a high grade fever, vomiting, swollen neck and yellow/green sputum then the mother needs to be alarmed as bacterial infection has taken place. If the child has high spiking fever, tepid sponging may be done with lukewarm water to bring the fever down. Remember! Do not use cold water. Normally bacteria respond to antibiotic containing syrups. Antibiotic must be given with food as it causes intestinal disturbances. Anti-inflammatory syrups are also given to bring the fever down. This may take five to seven days to settle down after treatment has begun.

What Are The Alarm Signs?

Alarming symptoms may include cough, high grade fevers and yellow/green sputum which implies that the infection has spread to the child’s lungs. Also if the child shows a swollen neck like a bull neck, this needs referral to a doctor immediately!!

Rush To Your E.N.T. Specialist!

A child who has recurrent sore throat after every three months and his illness hinders his quality of life needs referral to an E.N.T. specialist as this could mean, he has chronic tonsillitis. Tonsil is a piece of lymphoid tissue present at the back of your throat on either side of the tongue. Lymphoid tissue comprises of cells which fight infection in the body. These become inflamed in children and begin to appear reddish or yellow with pus pockets on them. A strong family history too has a major role to play. This condition is a constant source of disturbance for the child and his parents ultimately requiring surgical intervention depending on the extent to which quality of life is affected.

A child having constant sore throat may have an enlarged adenoid; this is a tissue at the back of the nose which causes obstruction to the passage of secretions thus causing accumulation and infection. A major sign in child with adenoids is hitched beaver teeth and loud snoring at night.

Easy-To-Do Home Remedies To Prevent Sore Throat :

Children who are prone to repeated sore throat may have a low immunity or malnutrition causing low immunity. This provides an ideal home for organisms to thrive on and attack. Thus, Eating an egg everyday provides the child with proteins for antibodies to be manufactured to fight against the bacteria. Honey in lukewarm water is a historical remedy used to soothe the throat. Give your child a glass of lukewarm water with a pinch of salt to do gargle every night before going to sleep. Develop in your child, the habit to drink warm milk twice a day on daily basis. Diagnosing the cause and preventing the sore throat in children, is better and smarter than curing the problem.

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