Do You Know That Children Follow Our Actions More Than Our Advices?

Ever wondered if the way you sit your arse on the chair sets a good examples for your kids?

A Research at the University of Maryland School of Public Health, says that the education, mainly the health education, we provide to our kids leaves an impression on them and they do follow our steps.

Health literacy – a home learning.

The study showed that, children’s approach towards their health and the decisions they made towards healthy life style are solely based on the health literacy they are given at their schools and homes.

Teachers and parents – lets be careful with what you utter and do, because they watch you and keep in mind that they are from a generation of finely carved stalkers!

The study included children around ages of 8 to 11, questioned about their perception of health and what does this word “Health” means to them? And since children speak their heart, the responses were clear, open and very impressionable.

On the basis of research, the health literacy is of 3 types and children with critical health literacy are completely dependent on their mental ability to analyze and apply health information in their lives.

The rest of the two are communicational health literacy and functional health literacy and as names indicates, one refers to what we learn from our society and the other based on what our academics teach us.

Analyzing children’s conceptualizations of health, body and health literacy will significantly add understanding to how problematic health attitudes and behaviors may take root,” the study reads.

The research on its own, is a way to expand our sight to dig deep into what really matters to our kids and how and when they began to learn what really matters to them, be it health education or sex education. It is our sole duty to expand our views and diminish age differences so that we really reach to our kid’s heart and mind and know what matters to them and how they think.

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