Potential Hazards Of TV And Mobile Phones For Kids

Like the age of renaissance and dark ages, today’s age is the age of technology. The latest advancements in the world of technology have a immeasurable impact on our lives and health. In this era, it is unimaginable to live without these innovative and creative devices that have influenced our lives to an extent that life without them is unimaginable. No need of atomic bombs to throw us back into the stone ages, one simple electricity cut and stuff related to it and you will feel that life has come to a halt.

Gadgets becoming Indispensable Companions: Bad Habits in Children

Like the pros n cons related to everything, no doubt these electronic gadgets have played a big role in making the world a global village and the impact of social media and electronic media has casted huge imprints on our daily lives. Certainly these electronic devices have not only impinged our lives but our imagination as well. The repercussions of these devices on kids’ health are manifold. Research regarding phones for kids, has shown that early handling of these appliances adversely affects children health.

T.V Linked to Poor Snack Habits and Cardiovascular Risk

Research has shown that watching TV for more than 2 hours a day in middle school children is linked to poor snacking habits, obesity and cardiovascular risks. Spending too much time in front of TV and fixing your gaze on your favorite channels will surely affect your eyesight first because they emit gamma rays which have harmful effects .The child might be sitting near to the TV screen for long hours and you assume that eyesight is going to be affected, but in actual the screen has already done the harm. Opticians say that sitting close to the TV is due to loss of visual acuity and since the child can’t see properly, he sits closer. So the moment the child switches on the TV button, tell him or her to keep a fair distance to avoid harming the eyesight.

Poor snacking habits are because the kids are bombarded with TV commercials reinforcing the consumption of unhealthy snacks which are rich in sugars, salts and fats. The consumption of fruits instead of these unhygienic snacks can impart a positive and healthy impact on our health but since these media channels apparently don’t promote healthy snacks in the ads so children are more likely to be enticed.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend limiting entertainment screen time to 1 or less than 2 hours because excessive media use is also related to obesity, behavioral issues, attention problems, school difficulties and eating and sleeping disorders. Also you might have observed that watching TV for prolonged periods makes children use:

  • More slang language
  • Mature them before age
  • Make them more aggressive
  • Lessen the creativity of mind
  • Make them live a sedentary lifestyle.

Parents need to strictly monitor their kid’s activities and limit the hours spent in front of the TV screens.

Reliance on Smart Phones Linked to Lazy Thinking

The current innovative feature of mobile phones since their use is that they have become “smart”. Smart phones have become a necessity of life not less than the food. Anything you want to be informed of requires just a click on “Google” and the answer to query is there; so smart phones have actually made us smart in accessing information regarding anything in the world. But do you actually feel smart without using your own brain in quest of answers you probably know.

A study carried out by University of Waterloo, published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior has shown that excessive use of smart phones by people has made them lazy thinkers then they otherwise would have been.

People who limitlessly use smart phones are more intuitive and are more prone to rely on their gut feelings and instincts when making decisions. In contrast, highly intelligent people are more analytical and less intuitive while solving a problem. They second guess themselves and solve the problem in a logical manner. So the end point is that we should not rely unduly on these gadgets while solving any query, rather use our own brain and to increase our brain power, we can use IQ practice quizzes or crossword puzzles and stuff like that so that we may develop the habit of thinking by ourselves.

Texting Causing Strained Muscles

In today’s technology-thirsty world, it’s rare to see anyone sitting right next to you and not using his mobile phone. Most of the people are seen busy texting for long hours, especially teenagers. The number of  text and call  packages offered by these mobile phone companies are limitless and can make anyone go crazy for these so-called free of hidden tax charges.

Research has shown that people who use mobile phones, laptops or tablets for long hours without caring for how long they have been bending their heads down and straining their shoulder muscles can suffer from neck pain. Bending heads in downward position and looking at handheld devices for too long puts strain on your spine.

The pain has become so common and widespread among gadget users that it’s been designated “texting pain”. Such pain can affect your physical health and limits your physical activity. Besides neck pain strained thrust having and tense shoulders are also been common among frequent users of mobiles.

Bad Habits in Children: Phones Linked to Sleep Disorders And Depression

Teenagers who use smart phones excessively and spend more time online especially at night have suffered more from sleep disorders and depression. A study showed that individuals with smart phones spend more time online in weekdays as compared to the individuals who possessed conventional mobiles and the difference was noticeable in teenagers at bedtime. Only 17% of smart phone owners switched off their mobiles as compared to 47% of conventional mobile users.

Moreover, the individuals with smart phones spent more time online watching videos, downloading stuff and texting their friends. These activities affected their sleep and resulted in tiredness in the morning activities. Experts suggest putting off mobile phones 1 hour before bed.

According to new research, risk of being obese by age 21 was 20 percent higher among 16-year-olds who got less than six hours of sleep a night, compared with their peers who slumbered more than eight hours.

School Failure Linked to Higher Computer Use

A study carried out in Spain engaging a sample of 5,538 students revealed that exposure to information and communication technologies to children begin at an increasingly early age and most of the students spend time online for chatting, browsing, web surfing ,watching movies and video games and downloading latest applications.

The study revealed a linear or direct relationship between hours spent on computers and academic studies. The scores decreased as the hourly time spent on computers increased. The lack of parental control and an intense use of the computer and video games are also associated with a higher index of young people suffering from alcohol intoxication or consuming cannabis or other toxic substances.

The latest technologies are no doubt a blessing in some ways but their cautious and controlled use is required especially among teenagers as too much information is easily accessible on every topic and the images of the concerned information might distract and spoil their fertile minds. Strict parental control is therefore required to avoid potential dangers Of TV & mobile phones For Kids as porn material is just a click away and can destroy their minds and Psyche.

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