Struggling To Pacify A High Need Infant? We Can Help

“My friends have such calm and easy to handle Newborn babies whereas my infant is always crying and keeping me busy. What is it that my friends do and I don’t?” Sounds familiar? It is about time that you stop blaming your parenting and start enjoying the zone of motherhood. Are you struggling to pacify a high need infant? We Can Help. Here is the answer to all your worries.

Take A Deep Breath And Calm Your Nerves

Every Newborn baby has a different personality so stop COMPARING them. A high need baby is not a ‘bad’ baby, all he needs is a little more attention. This is the period when a child learns to trust so the biggest pacifier in early months is breast feeding. Cuddling close to the mother’s body itself gives a sense of satisfaction and warmth to the crying baby so make this habit of nursing a part of your nature.

Feed On Demand

I being a doctor as well as the mother of a high need baby myself, nurse her up to 16 times a day. This may seem tedious but trust you me it really works. Do not follow a rigid feeding schedule since studies have shown that babies who are fed frequently cry less than those put on a timed feeding regimen.

Look For Signs Of Milk Allergies In Newborns

The biggest reason for inconsolable cry in babies is colic.  This is intestinal bloating and distress for no obvious reasons. An easy tip to console a colic baby is to feed him with 2-3 tea spoons of water boiled with cinnamon for 5 mins. Another magical ingredient is a few carom seeds boiled in water that relieve intestinal distress within minutes and have zero side effects. Other cause of discomfort can be, the lactose component of formula milk leading to gas distention of the intestine. In that case put an end to whole milk and switch to lactose free formula milk available in the market.

 Putting Baby To Sleep

Establishing a nighttime sleeping schedule is essential for a long term gain. Every baby has his own preferences so try to assess whether he is more comfortable in his own crib or he likes nestling up close to mother’s body in the parents’ bed. Turn off all lights and loud sounds to create a calm environment where baby finds it pleasant to fall asleep and feels secure in staying asleep. Feed the baby till he is full to avoid constant nibbling behavior throughout the night (the biggest cause of fragmented, disturbed sleep).

Take Care Of Yourself Before You Can Care For The Little One

Your health comes first! Take a lot of fluids especially milk along with calcium and Vitamin D supplements. This is a prerequisite to ensuring a good supply of breast milk. A frequent reason of crying in babies is insufficient breast milk leading to a constant state of hunger. You, as a lactating mother, should take frequent meals especially butter and nuts. Use a breast pump in first few days after delivery of the baby in order to set up a continuous flow of milk.

Engage Your Partner: Newborn Baby Need Him

The Newborn baby should be used to father’s way of being put to sleep so that the mother can have a break too. Another way to put it is that, living in a joint family system turns out to be a blessing in disguise as far as bringing up of a child is concerned. This ensures a helping hand whenever the mother runs low on energy and spares her enough time to pursue her own personal activities as well.

Take It Easy On Yourself To Pacify A High Need Infant

You are precious and so is your Newborn baby so attend to him alone. Other jobs can wait, the baby can’t. Do not expect too much of yourself and stop worrying about undone chores To pacify a high need infant. Take a nap whenever your baby falls asleep and replenish the drained energy tank. A smiling, healthy mother is a prerequisite to a happy healthy baby!

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