Over 80 million Bacteria Invade Your Mouth When You French Kiss

‘Come here closer, don’t be shy. Cross my heart and hope to die. Keep the secret me and you. And seal it with a kiss’ Britney Spears’ lyrics might be ringing in your ears when you look at someone you love.

But, is it even worth fantasizing over?

A study conducted by team of experts from the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research claims that a 10-second long intimate kiss which involves the use of tongue and exchange of saliva is enough to transfer over 80 million oral bacteria from one partner to the other.

The study, which was also published in the journal Microbiome, recruited pairs where one of the partners was made to eat probiotic yogurt. They then had to French kiss their partner for 10 seconds.

The tongues were swabbed and saliva composition was observed by making cultures of the oral bacteria.

Alongside, the participants were made to fill questionnaires which recorded their kissing and smooching habits.

As the study concluded, the scientists found that couples who kiss nine times a day or more share their oral microbe environment and transfer the oral bacteria most significantly.

This is a blow for couples who are passionately in love with one another but are equally health conscious. While the infamous sexually transmitted diseases have always been a threat to sexual relationships, will this study stop people from kissing too?

Why does the world envy love?

Don’t be too sad. Other studies claim kissing helps boosts your immune system, burns calories and strengthen up the facial muscles. Not all is lost.

Frankly speaking, this study does not reveal anything we did not know and I am wondering why we are covering it in the first place.

Various studies in the past have shown that gum infections, strep throat, acute bronchitis and many other infections can transfer through oral contact with infected salivaSpiced up intimacy may take you to a hospital! But who cares?

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