A Road To The Perfect Smile

The perfect smile is the biggest desire of everyone. People who do not have teeth in their appropriate position can fix their problem by seeking professional care when the time is still in their hands that is childhood or adulthood. Minor issues can be solved with simple appliances. For severe problems, fixed devices are required for example braces. If a patient need to wear braces for an extended period of time usually two years it is important that he finds a certified dentist or orthodontist to treat his problem.

It is important that the braces should be fixed and activated by an orthodontist so that the malocclusion is resolved without causing any harm to the teeth or gums. Otherwise the treatment can be prolonged and the problem can be aggravated. So have knowledge of your dental problems, seek professional care and solve your issues accordingly.

Heavy metal bands might bring the image of rock music or hand cuffs in your minds but many young adults among us remember them as ugly devices they used to wear in their childhood to straighten their teeth. With the advancements in the field of dentistry, today a multitude of dental devices are available to straighten crooked teeth.

They can be used at an early age which can lead to the simplification of the treatment later on in life. But still these appliances are not a solution for all of us. Those having severe issues like extreme crowding, rotation or tilting of their teeth need other more complex treatment options as well.

Fixed Orthodontics- A Solution For Many Broken Hearts!

Fixed Orthodontics is a treatment option dentists use to straighten teeth and move them in their appropriate position to improve the appearance on occasions where the problem cannot be fixed with simple removable appliances. It also maintains the long term health of oral tissues.

In this regard, either the regular dentist or a specialized orthodontist attach BRACKETS to each tooth and then wires are passed through all the brackets and usually this whole apparatus is held in place through metal bands glued to the posterior teeth and rubber wire ties. These are termed as BRACES. Usually the treatment lasts for a period of 6 months to two years depending upon the severity of the problem.

Give Your Teeth A Chance And Hangon

In the present day era, braces are a lot more esthetic and patient friendly, but still those who have undergone this treatment know that apart from other dental treatments, orthodontic treatment requires a lot of patience especially on the part of the patient. While seeking ORTHODONTIC treatment, your biggest motivation should be your target which is a perfect smile and the more beautiful you. It is because if you leave compliance mid way down the path, it can cause you more harm than helping you.

Make Your Orthodontist Your Best Friend

It is advised that before the start of the treatment the patient should have a visit to the orthodontist and have complete awareness of the underlying problem causing the misalignment of teeth. At first visit, the orthodontist examines the mouth and asks questions about having problems in chewing or swallowing and the initial radiographs are taken.

At this time the doctor also evaluate the number of visits required to fix all the brackets and start the treatment. The patient should have complete confidence in his dentist because he is the one taking care of your biggest esthetic problem at that time.

You Cannot Afford To Forget The Activation Of Your Braces                                          

The second most important thing after fixation of the braces is getting your braces activated at appropriate times, because fixing the braces cannot solve your issue alone. It is important that the dentist change the ligatures and wires at each visit. Further the wires lose their activation after 3 to 5 weeks so if they are not changed at regular intervals; they are of no use no matter how long you keep them in your mouth. If you need to skip any visit, don’t forget to take an appointment for some other time.

If the wires are not activated properly like some patients might think that they can do this simple task by themselves, there is a possibility that improper forces are applied to the teeth and the treatment can be reversed. In rare instances the malocclusion can even become more severe than the original one.

REMEMBER: We all yearn to have a perfect smile but the pathway to the perfect smile requires perseverance and determination. If you can be patient and keep yourself motivated for the little time span you are undergoing treatment, you will get your reward in the end in the form of an amazing smile and believe me it will be the most fruitful sacrifice of your life.


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