Carbonated Water Can Deteriorate Teeth

It has been long known that drinking sodas can damage one’s teeth. But nobody realized that drinking carbonated water can also cause similar deterioration. People avoid chocolates, sugary foods, sodas etc to keep their teeth healthy. But they ruin it all by drinking carbonated water. Yes Seltzer, contains similar fizz with all the sugar and sweeteners as in sodas.

A dentist Michael Krochak of NYC smile spa was asked how much does a seltzer affect our teeth? He explained that it was all about the pH level. Michael said that Water has a pH level of 7 and when it is carbonated to make seltzer, carbonic acid is also formed. It pulls the pH level down with it’s acidic level from 7 to 4. When a flavor is added to the seltzer, the acidic level further increases. The citric acid from the fruit brings the pH level to 2.5. This is what causes the problem and deteriorate Teeth.

An acidic environment is created in the mouth which is the main reason of enamel erosion. Enamel which is the protective layer around the teeth, when eroded leaves the teeth to rot. With the removal of enamel, people encounter sensitivity in their teeth, decay and cavities.

There is a solution to this problem. One doesn’t have to avoid a seltzer altogether. Doctor Michael has presented with some ideas, so people can enjoy healthy teeth while drinking seltzer. Following are his recommendations:

Deteriorate Teeth

1. Do Not Drink It Daily

Doctor Michael said that he has many patients who drink carbonated water but he isn’t worried about them. It is because they don’t use it regularly. If someone uses it everyday then there will be a problem. He suggested that drinking carbonated water thrice in a week would not cause as much damage as drinking it everyday would!

2. Use Mineral Water

Doctor Michael explained, there is no doubt that natural water is the best remedy to keep the teeth healthy. He also revealed names of some carbonated waters which would not be as harmful as others. He suggested San Pellegrino, is the number one choice as it is carbonated at a low pressure leaving it’s pH level to 6.5. It is expensive but is best for the health of your teeth. Perrier can also be utilized as it has a pH level of 5.5.

3. Chew xylitol gum

Xylitol is a sweetener extracted from a plant which can naturally fight with the acids formed in human mouth. Michael believes after drinking coffee, tea , juice or even a seltzer people must chew xylitol gum for approximately 2 minutes. It will reduce the harm to the teeth which could have been caused by those acids.

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