Things You Must Do To Protect Your Teeth

Avoiding everything that damages your teeth is impossible. That is because almost everything you ingest will have certain effects on your teeth and nothing is completely harmless.

Toothache: Welcome To Reality

However, knowing how to minimize the harmful effects or, at least take precautions to neutralize them, is not hard at all. Here are the basics things you must do to protect your teeth.

Oral Hygiene 101: Keep That Mouth Clean

Plaque, calculus, and the bacteria they harbor should not be left around to stew in your mouth. It will not end well. All you will get from that will be caries, bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth, and a world of discomfort once everything reaches beyond the point of repair. That is why you should keep your mouth clean.

Brush your teeth with a soft brush twice (after breakfast and dinner), use a non-medicated mouthwash regularly, and use dental floss after meals. Apart from that, go for a full-mouth scaling and polishing session with your dentist at least once a year. I know it sounds like a lot, but it really doesn’t take much time and it will keep your teeth healthy.

Realize that you need those chompers for more than smiling and if you’re an adult, your current teeth are the ones you will be stuck with for the rest of your life (unless you get implants, which will still never compare to your natural teeth and which you’d have to take even more care of).

Smoking: Toothache Taboo

If you smoke, you should ideally give it up. It does nothing good for your mouth. It has been linked to Oral cancer, makes your mouth dry, and stains your teeth a disgusting brown. Also, it even masks the effects of periodontal diseases so that you won’t know if there is something wrong with your gums until it has progressed well beyond the controllable stage.

If you’re one of those people who can’t quit completely:

  • Try at least reducing the habit and use the light variety, or
  • Opt for the alternative options (like e-cigarettes) that do not use tobacco
  • If it’s nicotine that you need, try nicotine patches instead of smoking.
  • You just need to figure out if you crave the chemical or the feel of something between your teeth and then find a feasible alternative.

Eating Smart: Know What Your Food Can Do For Four Teeth

When it comes to food and teeth, certain things are a standard “don’t”. They include:

  • Sugary food, especially the sticky variety
  • Acidic beverages, like carbonated drinks and certain juices
  • Dark colored beverages, like coffee and tea

Unfortunately, certain things that are good for your health, like citric fruits and juices, also fall into the three “don’t” categories. The trick to keeping your teeth healthy lies in knowing what will negate the effects of what.

Say To No Sugar: Protect Your Self From Toothache

The detrimental effects of sugars are reduced if there are large time gaps in between each consumption of sugar. Tooth enamel starts to demineralise by the aid produced by a bacteria as a result of sugar consumption wit in 30 min. So if you want to eat a chocolate, from bite to bite over a long span, it will cause damage to your teeth. Brush your teeth after eating sweet food. The acidic effect of beverages can be minimized if they are diluted with water or if you chew non-sugar based gum afterwards.


In fact, xylitol based chewing gums have been proven to help boost oral health by increasing salivary flow, maintaining oral pH to an optimum, decreasing the damaging kind of bacteria in your mouth as well as making it harder for it to stick to your teeth. That takes care of most of the root causes for most oral diseases, which are major reason for toothache.

However, this does not mean that you can chew xylitol gum and then forget everything else. The gum is an aid and not a cure. I would suggest using it in the gap between meals. It would help boost your breath too.

Toothache: Dentist Is Not The Enemy

Make a habit to go get your teeth checked out every few months just for the sake of it. Your dentist will be able to check for any problems that have just begun and can advise you on the best course of action to keep it from getting worse. That way, you can avoid major dental problems that require extensive and expensive treatment.

Also, never hesitate to ask your dentist about your treatment and the reasons behind it. It is your right to know and the information will only help you make smart choices regarding your health. There are usually more than one alternative treatments – find out about all of them before deciding.

Remember to treasure what you have. No artificial replacement can hold up against the original thing, so take a little time to take care of your teeth. Keeping your teeth clean, reducing or giving up smoking, being smart about eating, and scheduling regular visits to your dentist will go a long way to helping you to keep your pearly whites in mint condition.

It only requires a little motivation and some minor lifestyle changes to protect your teeth, but it is well worth it. Also, never hesitate to research your problems and question your treatment. Learn to work with your dentist – it is not your smile only but shape of  your face is determined by your teeth, after all.

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