13 Signs To Know If You Suffer From High-Functioning Anxiety!

You might be fond of some actors for they depict their roles flawlessly in movies, but you might be astonished to know that many actors amidst us go unnoticed. Actors amidst us? Yes, you are surrounded by people who are role-playing in their actual lives, while on the inside they are just anxious being.

Yes, there lives a kind of human species who suffer from high functioning anxiety.

While celebrities like Adele, Jennifer Lawrence and many others have admitted to suffering from anxiety disorder, the kind of anxiety we discuss today, is not like the anxiety disorder, we already know about.

High functioning anxiety doesn’t manifest any signs or symptoms on the outside, while on the inside; the person who faces this is in great terrible.

The illness doesn’t exist in the textbooks, so man if you have it you are rare!

You much be wondering if this disorder doesn’t have a symptom then how will we know we suffer from it. This is an excellent thought and should definitely pop in your head if you are not suffering from attention deficit disorder (pun intended) at the moment.

Here are some situations that will help you understand this rare kind of anxiety.

  1. You are a silent sufferer in every other situation of your life.
  2. You are smiling on the outside, but on the inside you are drowning and the rescue teams cannot listen to your shrieks or see you restlessly waving hands.




  1. Your head is consistently telling you things which make you sad, but remain far from reality.



  1. You begin biting your nails, moving your legs uncontrollably or your hands start to sweat profusely under some situations.
  2. When you begin to suspect your friend’s late reply as a sign of hostility or rejection.
  3. When a warm smile at you is looked upon as a crafty smirk.



  1. When you do not feel good enough and begin to believe it by adding imaginative justifications against yourself.
  2. No matter where you go, you don’t like good enough and you constantly feel judged by people around you.



  1. Your family doesn’t love you anymore, your friends don’t want to be your friends any more or your boyfriend will dump you any time soon. All of this is just in your head!
  2. Your gloom and insecurities are masked by your laughter. You just want to switch off your head or bang your head against the wall.




    1. You feel alone amidst crowds and feel walls closing up on you.
    2. You believe that you have to wear an artificial face over your real self to be accepted by loved ones. You are just faking it all!


  1. Doubts and suspensions is what you are made of, you overthink situations and pass a verdict against yourself by the end of every overthinking session.

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