11 Stress Symptoms All Millennials Endure This Way

Millennials have had their fair share of worries. Born when the technology revolution started to penetrate among the users, they had been badly affected by the bits and bytes but it’s their brain that has been hit the hardest. You’ll see them fidgeting, biting their nails and be anxious all the time. These are in-fact symptoms of stress.

Stress Symptoms

Getting up, having to battle your way out of a comfy bed, exhibiting stress symptoms from a nasty hangover without having consumed any booze, wait what?

Finally, as our hero begins his journey, filled with hardships and challenges, bravely staring down his enemies, ready to strike but wait a minute…he seems to be taking a break perhaps a little breather, no problem just a 5-minute break. How about an hour, tops! And just like that a minute turns into an hour, an hour turns into a couple of hours.

Suddenly it’s dark outside and a perfect day casually tossed to the side by an overly stressed out individual. Oh well! Tomorrow is a new day, how about I set my alarm clock back to “Eat, sleep, procrastinate, repeat!”

A lot of you will able to relate to this, hopefully. We are accustomed to being stressed to the extent that we often fail to distinguish a normal day from a stressful day. As a result, we can never really be sure if we are stressed or is it just another bad day.

Stress Symptom No 1 : To Sleep Or Not Too Sleep?Stress Symptom

That often happens to you, doesn’t it? There are days when the alarm goes “RING-RING” and off you are on your toes, ready to face the world. The energy has been refueled and you enthusiastically look forward to having a great day ahead of you.

But, hold on, do mornings always sound this refreshing?

Unfortunately, they don’t! There are times when you want to bang the alarm clock (against the wall), for it has wakened you up to face the terrible world again. Or if you think of alarm clocks as obsolete, you may want to put your phone’s alarm to snooze repeated times before you finally get up annoyed at your existence.

If this routine is on a repeat mode for several days, then there is a hint for you. My friend, you are stressed.

Stress Symptom No 2: Do Your Legs Hurt And That Too Without Any Obvious Reason? 

Do you fail to understand that instead of waking up fresh every morning, you feel worn out as you get out of bed? The symptoms of stress don’t allow you to walk up to the call of the sunrise.

You feel as tired as if you haven’t even slept since you were born. In fact, your limbs feel as if you suddenly woke up with osteoporosis multiplied by arthritis?

Well, that’s the excessive stress you are storing in your system which is causing you trouble. These stress symptoms can turn your body cold so, “Burn them out” by some exercise before it burns your life way.

Stress Symptom No 3: A Nightmare That knows No Bounds!

Stress makes your life miserable in every sense of the word. Not only it makes life tough for you while you are awake, it again comes to haunt you when you are deep in your sleep of oblivion.

Do you have a recurring dream of sitting in an examination hall realizing you didn’t remember having an exam today?

Or do you see yourself in your office, getting scolded by your boss because you didn’t finish the assigned task?

If you frequently dream of situations that are stressful in one way or the other, please know that it isn’t a mere coincidence. These are one of the times when you can’t even sleep away your worries.

Stress Symptom No 4: Lazing Away From Your Bed To The Couch, Back To The Bed And Repeat.

Do you experience waking up aimless and just wandering here and there to find a purpose in life? When you have zero-productivity and all you want to do is to sleep or just recline in your comfy couch?

When you kick back, crack a bear open and try to put yourself in the shoes of the ever so fearless Rick Grimes from walking dead and come to the chilling realization that you have more in common with the brain-dead walkers than you do with any of your favorite badass characters.

You either gotta grab the bull by the horns, face your fears and allow yourself to purge out that bottled up stress or you can wait for the inevitable breakdown that comes when shit hits the ceiling.

Stress Symptom No 5: Sir Worries-A-Lot

Often, we find ourselves getting stressed out over the tinniest bit of life’s many hiccups. Even when there seems to be no threat, we create one, only to feed that self-destructive pattern of ours that makes us believe that functioning without stress is impossible.

How about you take a chill pill, transform the word “stressed” into “dessert” (get it cause stressed spelled backwards is dessert…).

Find that unorthodox, monkey-like ritual that helps you to unwind no matter how embarrassing or stupid it may seem.

I’d suggest listening to stressed out – 21 pilots cause not only is it a killer tune but it for some twisted reason it always manages to put a smile on my face when I am reminded that there are people who go through the same struggles as me. I guess it’s true what they say “misery loves company.”

Stress Symptom No 6: Has Life Turned Into A Monotony?

When life starts to feel like a 1950’s movie, like an ocean full of colorless tides. No drama, no excitement just plain old fashioned work every second of everyday.

Voices telling you to just kill yourself, provoking you to jump head first in to the pool of insanity.

Heart beating at the right pace, vitals clearly in check, no physical complications (thank God), then what is that aching I have in my heart that is telling me that something is missing, and why so serious all the freakin time! (was what my brother used to say).

Stress Symptom No 7: Are You Suffering From Alien Syndrome? (Spoiler Alert! Not An Actual Disease!)

Are you constantly alienating yourself, finding excuses to not hang out with friends and family? Too worried what people might say and how they’d react.

Feeling like the whole world is watching your every move waiting for you to make a mistake that would send you into your descent to madness. Expectations weighing you down, feeling like a minor error on your part may offend someone close to you.

Basically, feeling like everyone is better than you and if God forbid you might have been a mistake, a curse unleashed upon this world doomed to walk the earth restlessly.

When you hit rock bottom, you have two options; either you man up, stop playing the role of a pathetic helpless weasel and for once in your useless life ‘FIGHT BACK!’ or you can crawl back into whatever hole you came out off, blame the world for your problems and always be a victim of circumstances.

You see it’s all a mind game, your mind can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare (and believe me you don’t want to pick the latter).

Symptom Of Stress No 8: Your Manners And Dressing Sense Has Gone Out The Window!

Waking up, staying up and going back to sleep in those same worn out pair of pajamas.

A fairly wise man once said “In order to acquire success, you have to dress like success.”

If your self-esteem has gone down the shitter and you don’t even have the physical capacity to dress decently, then surely something isn’t right.

Stressing over the simplest bit of life’s many dilemmas. Instead of acknowledging the fact that life presents us with a series of challenges in which you may either succeed or fail, these heavenly creatures of God replace the word ‘failure’ with sudden death, thus setting themselves up for failure.

Stress Symptom No 9: The Procrastinating Rebellion!

You know a lot of work is piled up at school or office but you are too much of a rebel to care. Procrastinating your way through life making up excuses and finding reasons not to complete daily goals whether they may be of an academic nature or else wise.

Well! my simple minded, naive friend, ever wonder what the root cause of this phenomena may be?

Hmm… is it that you are some sort of superhero who despite being diagnosed with impending doom, still manages to conjure up one final move or a trump card, if you may call it, which sends you rocketing towards success.

Although you may feel like, “If I keep delaying this long enough, the solution to all my problems will fall into my lap,” the harsh truth is that you’re living in a fool’s paradise.

Earth to idiot! Get your head out of whatever fairy tale world it has crept into and realize that instead of running away you need to address the elephant in the room, which is the chronic stress that has been building up all this time.

Stress Symptom No 10: Who Needs Goals When You Gonna Die Anyway!

As you get ready to welcome yet another ‘happy’ new year and pay your condolences to the person you were in 2016, along with all those unfulfilled promises and halfhearted ambitions.

With one foot cemented in the new year and the other still dangling in midair, you are hit by a sudden realization that “what if this year is going to be even crappier (pardon my language!) than the previous one?”

And at this moment if you are the kind of person who gives into this sort of pessimistic outlook on life, then there might be something sinister brewing up inside that mind of yours.

Fear not! for where there is a will there is way, how about you crank up that old dvd player of yours and re-watch iconic movies like rocky and pursuit for happiness to put you in the mood to fight back.

Are you seriously telling me that when Rocky Balboa made history by uttering the phrase, “It isn’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, that’s how winning’s done!” that you didn’t feel a single hair on your body rise up in awe and that you weren’t overtaken by a sudden urge or hunger to make your future goals a reality, then buddy I hate to tell you that you might be under a ton of stress, which will quickly be followed by an agonizing feeling of depression.

Stress Symptom No 11: The Self-Sabotager

Got the perfect job, married the woman of your dreams but still feel like throwing everything away. Finding ways to self-sabotage your career, for no damn reason.

Trying to turn your life into a tragedy like the infamous titanic (and not the hit movie but the actual ship!). Feeling like a victim, or better yet wanting to feel like a victim so you don’t have to face the cold splash of reality.

Suddenly building up an appetite for recreational drugs or anything along the same lines, which can resent you with a portal to an alternative form of reality where all your worries seize to exist and where the logical meets the illogical. Well, once again these are clear indicators of a stressed-out mind, ready to detonate at a moment’s notice.

Mini Rant

We live in a world which basis it’s philosophy around the phrase “life is a race” (as said in the iconic block buster movie ‘3 idiots’).

A world where parents seal the fate of their child by declaring the unborn saps to be doctors, businessmen or the ever-famous engineers.

A world obsessed with the materialistic aspect of life intensified by the obsession of social media trends set forth by social media queens like the Kardashians’. Where 11 years old girls who have barely experienced the many flavors of life are busy looking at themselves in the mirror and deciding whether to go on a diet or not?

A society dwarfed and dehumanized by their many possessions, too busy being consumed by envy and hatred, worrying and stressing over the tiniest bit of details and focusing on the tree rather than the forest.

Hurry up and rid yourself of this unnecessary stress, find positives to drive out these negative, stop being overly critical about life, “the world has enough critics it certainly doesn’t need another one.”  Learn taekwondo, jiu-jitsu or something else with an even fancier name to help to channel all that bottled-up rage, extinguish it before it extinguishes you.

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