4 Substitutes For Sucrose For Healthy Kids Party Snacks

Love for confectioneries comes natural with some. Most kids love sweets, chocolates, candies and bakery stuff in parties. Excessive use of sugars, in the form of sucrose, not only causes dental problems but also contributes in making kids fat so you must have to insure use of healthy kids party snacks. It is important to change this excessive consumption of sucrose with substitutes.

The reason why this change in sugar intake is important is because the sucrose decreases pH and is harmful for the teeth. Sucrose is a cheap form of sweeteners and is high in calories.

1. Mixing In Yogurt/Milk/Cereals Or Other Uncooked Items Is Safe Substitute Of Sucrose

Use ‘lactose’ instead of sucrose in making kids’ snacks sweet. It is less sweet in nature but it is a little expensive for a regular use. It produces glucose during hydrolysis within body. Most of baby food contains lactose.

2. Substitute For Baking Or Making Chocolates For Healthy Kids Party Snacks

Use ‘monellin’ (serendipity berries) which is a plant extract. It is 3,000 times as sweet as compared to sucrose. It is best for baking and making chocolates at home. It is a protein in nature.

3. Sucrose Substitute For Children With High Cariogenic Activity Or Already Present Carious Teeth

  • Use ‘sorbitol’ because the oral bacteria cannot metabolize it except S Mutans. This bacterium produces a little amount of acidic pH by reacting with ‘sorbitol’. Most sugarless food contains it. You should use it only when primary teeth have gone through various fillings.
  • Use ‘xylitol’ which cannot produce any acid in the oral environment and is completely cariogenic free. This is mostly used by diabetic patients because its metabolism is not insulin dependent. This should only be used for those kids who have a high cariogenic activity, and few of anterior and posterior primary teeth have undergone pulpectomy/pulpotomy and other teeth have fillings in them. This should only be used in extreme conditions.

4. Do Not Substitute Sucrose With Non-Caloric Sweeteners For Kids’ Snacks

Do not use ‘aspartame’, ‘saccharin’ or ‘cyclamate’ in kids’ snacks. Most of them are either banned in the US or found to cause cancer.

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