How To Lose 4 Pounds In 21 Days

Every time you order a new dress and anticipate fitting into it perfectly when it arrives, you are probably disappointed because your mirror shows otherwise. The next step is, you not wearing that dress ever again and putting it away into the last drawer of your cupboard. Tired of trying to lose weight, staying hungry, bearing hunger pangs the whole day long? The key is to alter your diet in such a way that you continue to eat and still lose weight.

  1. The first step of how to lose 4 pounds is to make a list of things to eat every day. A study showed that people who recorded their daily food intake lost more weight than those who did not.
  2. Secondly, set a realistic goal for yourself such as losing a pound per week, in this way you will lose and not gain it back.
  3. Keep a calorie count on daily basis as people weighing around 150pounds need to take approx. 1500 calories per day.

Here Is A Simple Plan:

Within 2-3 minutes of waking up, have twenty to twenty five peanuts. Have breakfast about half an hour later followed by a cup of green tea with raw sugar. Your breakfast should be taken before 9 a.m. The peanuts will keep your metabolism fast the whole day long making you burn extra fats. The breakfast will keep hunger pangs at bay and will not let you feel tired. Your basal metabolism will remain high due to the raw sugar in green tea. The breakfast should be high in protein content and slow burning carbohydrates; you can try an eight gram whole wheat bread along with a meat patty.

Around midmorning go for a cup of tea but do not forget to add raw sugar to it too.

Lunch should be taken around 1-2 p.m., for which you must prefer a very low carbohydrate meal. This can include a fruit like watermelon, melon or an apple. If you want salty taste too, go for a piece of fish which must be baked, a bowl of soup or else a serving of boiled pulses.

For an evening snack, you can treat yourself to a small piece of chocolate because your body is already starved enough to be able to burn that carbohydrate very quickly.

As far as the dinner is concerned, make sure you take it before 8 p.m. Have a boiled egg white and a glass of warm milk mixed with raw sugar.

The timings in this plan are very essential. These are designed to give your body enough time to assimilate the food that you eat. Make sure that every meal should be followed by a cup of green tea.

Losing weight is a tedious job especially when people around you continue to eat and do not gain. Make your portions small and diet high in quality. Cherish the flavors of your food and soon this would turn out to be something you begin to enjoy. You will enjoy dressing up again and going out before you even know it!

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  1. Eddy says

    The key to good health and fitness is moderate food and diet plans. Irregularity in food intake can cause multiple problems related to health

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