Cocaine And Unsafe Sex: A Match Made In Hell

Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll – stuff dreams are made of. Well, at least mine are.

My reveries aside (which, of course, are always sweltering yet STD-free), the fact is that unsafe use of recreational drugs, such as cocaine, can jeopardize your health and existence.

In what seems like a scene from the action-packed Hollywood flick featuring a psycho Colombian drug lord, The John Hopkins University (TJHU) has conducted a study to investigate effect of cocaine on a person’s sexual prudence.

One of the most frequent phrases mentioned in the study was “impatience during sex”.

While I am usually impatient with traffic jams and dumb calls, researchers at TJHU linked the compulsive behavior with coition.

Men who participated in the study were “impatient” when under the influence of the drug. They were also more likely to skip the condom in the heat of the moment.

Cocaine clouded their judgment.

The spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in people who frequently get high on cocaine is no mystery. The study does its bit to shatter the mystery but shows exactly why this is. It highlights the fact that people high on cocaine are more likely to take more risks during sex due to “sexual impatience”, according to the researchers.

The researchers also called for health officials to be more aware of these dangerous trends and focus their efforts in supplying cocaine users with condoms in order to curb the spread of STDs.

Cocaine is a highly-sought party drug. It is a stimulant that brings a feeling of euphoria and excitement as it increases heart rate blood pressure and breathing rate. The user becomes loquacious, has more energy and feels uplifted.

Cocaine also gives you a boner (pardon my profanity). In normal circumstances, any sensible man would avoid unsafe sex. If a condom is unavailable, they are likely to postpone sex. But not when you are high on cocaine; all you have is the “s-word” on your mind.

In order to determine if the participants’ impatience was specific to sex only or it crept into other situations, the scientists offered a $100 reward, asking them to pinpoint the time frame when they would like to receive it. The options included the same day or the next day, or after a week, a month, six months, a year, five years or after twenty five years.

To my surprise (actually shock), the results were same between non-users and users, which meant cocaine specifically caused impatience in men during sex.

So what I deduce from the study is that we are better off safe-betting all life savings in a shady poker game than being intimate with the hot brunette whose hips don’t lie.

Maybe that’s why cocaine is also sometimes called blow, if you know what I mean. 😉

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