Well lastly not least, staying healthy and fit is a lifestyle and here I am simply sharing some tips to stay fit on vacations. You have to opt for better and long lasting choices for a healthy life so you can enjoy the quality of life. This requires understanding the importance of natural supplements in our diet while bearing the peer pressure for utilizing fast foods in our lives. Plus being physically fit also requires from us to engage more in outdoor activities and shun the routine of sitting for long hours in front of TV or laptops. This will obviously help us in staying fit and healthy not only on vacations but for life time.

Whether venturing for west or embarking for east, wherever you plan to board for, besides looking forward to the serene bounties of nature you also have a long  list of things in mind to carry out when reaching the destination of your choice but the top of the list are shopping and scrumptious meals. Wait! Your mouth is watering with mere thought of the zestful desserts, soufflés, pies, trifles, roasted chicken, barbecue and creamy salads. And obviously why not? You have asked the travel agent or Google search for best restaurants in the city.

Tips To Stay Fit

Well don’t forget about the pounds you are going to lose from your wallet and gain on your abs. Here are some of the most workable tips to stay fit and smart on your trips.

 1- Walk: The simplest key to staying healthy and fit is the golden principle of  walk. Walk of 40 minutes per day is enough to keep your abs flat. Instead of hiring a cab for places few meters away: take a walk. You don’t need to walk 40 minutes at a stretch instead you can walk for 15 minutes and look around the scenic beauty or visit a nearby shopping mall and then have a snack. This routine can be repeated in the evening and after dinner just stroll down a lane while enjoying a cool breeze. Do not forget to take our sneakers/ joggers and many pairs of sports socks with you.

 2- Breakfast: Dieticians and nutritionists lay great stress upon breakfast. This is because even if you have a fatty item to savor for in the breakfast such as cheese or fresh cream from the milk, it will be consumed during the whole day exertion. Healthy breakfast consisting of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, will never make you fat on high activity days but only increase your metabolism: only if you exert the whole day and burn the calories. So a good idea to savor on the fatty/high protein organic food item of your choice in the breakfast instead of suppressing your temptation for it is the best treat you can give yourself on a fine vacation morning.

 3- Cut Portion Size: Thinking of having a heavy tea in the evening with lots of delicacies and can’t resist the temptation for any single item. Well you don’t need to resist the temptation. Have it! simply cut the portion size. Instead of having a big piece of cake or pizza cut it into thin slice and nibble it slowly so that you can savor for long and enjoy the taste in mouth.

4- Drink Water: Yes! Drink loads of water. Drinking water before and little amount during meals will suppress your appetite and drinking  lukewarm  water early in the morning before breakfast detoxifies the body of any harmful substances present in the body. Proper hydration will keep you active and save you from limping due to exhaustion.

Recommended water dose is 3 liters of water.

You can carry water bottle in your bag and can have it sip by sip.

5- Work Out: You are on vacations and now in no mood of stretching the muscles. Well spending only 20 minutes on exercise in the whole day won’t make you tired. Instead it will make you feel lighter and fresh, so swing your arms up and down and sideways and touch your toes 20 times while bending down and keeping your breath in and see the miracle. You can also twist around your waist10 times each side. Muscle stretches will keep your muscles away from pain and strain of the sightseeing.

6- Smart Choice Of Food: Well sticking your tongue to your palate all the time is not possible and one has to give some liberty to one’s own self  at times so go for:

  • High protein diets in the  supper or dinner with salads
  • Eat high calorie diets and desserts in the lunch.
  • Avoid having desserts in the dinner.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks.
  • Eat the places or restaurants specialty in the lunch or if at dinner time then not after 7p.m.
  • Take unsweetened green tea/lemon grass half an hour after the meal twice a day.

 7- Early To Bed And Early To Rise: Since you are on vacations and you plan to wake till midnight and have some party time with some fast food item  on your side while watching the latest box office  movie and  keep munching till midnight. Well it’s a serious no no! Don’t keep yourself up till midnight as your metabolism doesn’t get time to rest. Eating junk food at night and then going straight off to bed is a serious health risk, especially for cardiac health. It will make you lousy for the next day of your sightseeing and fun.

8- Avoid Fizzy Drinks: Making it a habit for life time will keep you safe from many ill effects of bad health. A glass of cola drink contains sugar equal to 6-7 spoons of sugar! Keep a bottle of water or occasionally juices with you while traveling and order lemonade or fresh lime with meals. The same goes for alcohol as it also contains high calories.

On vacations these frizzy drinks may dehydrate you due to their diuretic effect and may initiate stomach pain due to increase acidity in stomach.

9- Outdoor Games: Since you made a long list of plans of what to do and what not to do then surely you must have thought of some sports as well. What will a vacation be without any sports so while packing your bags don’t forget to put your badminton rackets in the bag or plan to go on the beach for swimming. Additionally you can also decide to race with your friends or have a cycle race as well. This will be a cover up for exercise if you are not in the habit of daily exercise. Outdoor group activities will keep you engaged and release your stress of the past routine life. Outdoor activities make vacations a real one; as they help the human mind relax down and the engagement in fun different coordinated activities releases a ‘happy hormone’ within you. This will fulfill the purpose of a vacation.

10- Green Tea: This is the healthiest warm beverage on our planet. It is a potion of antioxidants and substances which increases those hormones that send message to fat cells to breakdown fat. The released fat in our blood is used as energy. It is a booster of metabolism and helps burn 3-4% calories per day. On your vacations you have o have it after meals as described before.