Fitness After 50: Want To Stay Strong? Let’s Get Started!

Talking about fitness in any age may sound a ‘mantra of a day’ or for some it is just a commercial driven ideals, but after rationalizing it, we realize it is not wrong. Fitness does not mean starving yourself or getting obsessive about your weight; fitness is actually a body-mind balance which can only be achieved with an average to excellent physical attire and a good health but with a positive striving mind in your body.

So what if you didn’t have healthiest eating habits in 30s or 40s. Start today, start now! Following a healthy lifestyle at whatever point you start practicing it, can  bring a change. As the body ages we become less active as compared to what we were at out prime age. Fitness doesn’t come on its own, we has to strive for it in different ways which includes eating healthy, exercising regularly and thinking positively. However, the rewards for striving for being fit is worth all the hard work and self-resilience to meet up the bench marks set to stay healthy even at 50.

Smarter Food Choices

Once a person attains the age of 50, the metabolism of the body cannot function the same way as it did at the 30’s or 40’s. We need to admit this fact that we are growing, therefore, we now need to take special care of what we eat and drink. The body needs nutrients to stay fit and function properly. For that, you just cannot live without regular use of water.. Further make friend with the heart-friendly oils in your daily life.

Fruits and vegetables can be taken in a reasonable quantity, as they contain the beneficial vitamins and antioxidants that are important for the well being of the body and more importantly they can lower the chances of various diseases that include heart diseases as well as cancer. Vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, squash, cabbage and beans should be made part of one daily consumption and in same way fruits like oranges, apples, grapes, watermelon, peaches, cherries and pears, being enriched with nutritional benefits, should also be included in diet.

Adding up whole grain food like brown rice, oatmeal and whole wheat is also very beneficial as they are low in fat content and contain a fairly good amount of fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals. A person also needs to refrain from certain eatables that include processed food, baked goods, food with high salt content, smoked food, and most importantly avoid alcohol and smoking up to their maximum level, as these substances are highly detrimental to health.

Stay On Balance

Along with healthy eating habits, one needs to maintain an active lifestyle in order to achieve optimal health. Regular exercise and meditation helps one improving blood circulation and metabolism, toning and strengthening of muscles and burning of excess calories and fats. Aerobic exercises are also very important and beneficial. At this age, you further need a sound sleep of not less than 7 hours.

Fill Your Nest And Get Social

At the age of 50 the kids have usually started their own families and the elders feel lonely. Therefore, now you need to fill in your nest even keeping pets is a great idea. People with pets like cats and dogs seem to have lower cholesterol and a lower risk of heart disease. Further spending quality time with friends or family can help keep your mind keen and active, as social people have sharper thinking, and lowering the risk of memory problems which is common in aging population.

Keep A Check

It is very important for you to know where you are heading to, you need to keep a check of yourself through routine medical checkups. The visits to doctor are very important. At this age you are more prone to risk of diseases, thus, as well said prevention is better than cure, therefore, you must act proactively.

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