Natural Migraine Relief Through Stretching

Natural Migraine Relief Through Stretching

Natural Migraine Relief

Migraine inducing headaches can be prevented if stimulating factors are known. But sometimes, even avoidance of stimuli turns out to be of no advantage. The mechanical pain relief is one way through which migraine pain can be contained; stretches being an important part. Through the right way of stretching muscles, not only the migraine can be contained but the frequency of outbursts can also be minimized.

What Is Migraine?

Ever sat down and felt an excruciating pain that made you feel as if something was filled between your school and the skin that covers it, and you feel the dire need to punch your head to make it go?
Migraine is a vascular type of headache which is majorly triggered by diets rich in sugar, stress, hormonal changes, extreme sunshine, alcohol intake, nerve irritation, onset of menses or problems with the muscles of neck joint. During migraine, blood vessels of the scalp become dilated and inflamed. Typical classical migraine involves an aura with depression, vomiting, anxiety, blurring of vision, imaginary sense of smell or loss of hearing. A commonly occurring migraine headache is the one with typical migraine symptoms but only on one side of the head without a preceding aura. The headache is usually accompanied by a throbbing sensation. Another point to be noted is that migraine tends to run in families, so you are at a higher risk of falling prey to it if a close family relative like mother or sister has frequent episodes of migraine.

How to Get Natural Migraine Relief Through Stretching

Researchers have found that the migraine causing pathway is similar to the tension muscle headache so you should must consider natural migraine relief through stretching. Chiropractic can help in reducing migraine intensity, frequency and duration by 75-80%.

Open Mouth Stretch

It will help in relieving stored tension in Temporalis muscle. Start opening your mouth slowly till it attains the maximum opening as shown in the illustration. Breathe deeply and maintain the posture for 30 sec. Do not push your mouth opening too hard. People with Temporomandibular joint problem (TMJ) should do it with caution. Close your mouth very slowly after 30 sec. Repeat the stretch three times.

Jaw Protrusion Stretch

This stretch will release stress in the Masseter muscle. Stand upright, with the head held high and protrude your jaw forward slowly till maximum like shown in the illustration. Hold this posture for 30 sec and keep breathing. Release it back to normal position slowly. Repeat the stretch three times.

Neck Tilt Stretch And Neck Tilt Stretch With Arms Held

Both these stretches will release stress from the side of the neck muscles. Place your arms on your waist line. Stand relaxed and lean towards your respective shoulder while keeping your face straight ahead at an angle of 90 degree to the shoulders. Maintain this posture for 30 seconds and keep breathing. Come back to normal position slowly. Repeat this stretch on the opposite side and complete a total of 3 sets.

For ‘neck tilt with arms held stretch’ you have to follow the same posture in addition to placing arms at the lower back. Both hands’ fingers should touch each other.

Neck Turn Stretch

This stretch will help in releasing tension from back of the neck muscles.

While standing, maintain your jaw and chin level parallel to the floor. Then slowly turn to your shoulder till your face reaches an angle of 90degree to the midline. Keep breathing and hold the posture for 30 sec. Then get back to the normal position. Repeat the posture for the other side too. Repeat it thrice on both sides.                                     

Neck Tilt With Slight Extension

This stretch is meant to release stress from the side of neck.
This stretch is similar to the ‘neck tilt stretch’. Follow the same instructions till you lean on to one side. Now move the neck 1-2 inch back side ways slowly. Stay there for 30 sec and keep breathing. Now release but first bring the neck parallel to the shoulder and then stand straight. Do not come to a straight position directly. Repeat it on both sides in sets of three.

Rotator Cuff Stretch

This stretch is meant to release stress from back of the shoulder muscles.

Stand comfortably with legs apart. Place your left arm on the waist, with the right hand placed on left elbow; pull it towards the opposite side as shown in the figure. Maintain it there till 30 sec. Release it back to normal position but slowly.

Do the stretch on both sides in the set of 3. As your flexibility will increase you will be able to start pulling your elbow till 90 degrees to the midline. This specific stretch deals with the DELTOID muscle.

Stand comfortably with feet apart. Stretch the left arm, towards the right side, across the body. Hold the elbow of left arm with the right hand into the chest. Keep in mind that the shoulders and face should remain straight throughout the stretch. Stay in this position for 30 sec. Keep breathing and repeat the position for the other side too.

Must Do Stretching Practices for Natural Migraine Relief

Maintain each stretch for 30 sec.

Keep breathing deeply during stretches, breathing is natural killer of migraine pain.

Maintain your calcium and magnesium supply to ensure a smooth functioning of bones and muscles.

In the beginning, do every stretch one time. Increase the number to 3 times as the flexibility of muscles increases.

Do these stretches in the morning preferably 7 days a week. You can be flexible with the timings.

Fix a appointment with your doctor.

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