The Best Running Tips of All Time

The Best Running Tips of All Time

Best Running Tips

Run to the Hills, Run for your life, is what all of us are busy in, well most of us are!But if one ponders on the question, that arewe really running for our lives or is it the daily chores driving our lives? Office routines, children responsibility, household work and social meetings are all daily chores which keep us running round the clock.

So in practice we are not running for this is the reason most of us get caught in the vicious cycle of bad health conditions and body fats. Worst of all, due to the health industry’s commercialization, market is bombarded with thousands of diet plans. Such diet plans not only make us psychologically down but deter our attention from the actual trick of losing fats, which is exercising.

 Best Running Tips To Lose Fat

If you want to lose fats you have to focus on two main things: A healthy diet and a regular exercise.
Here I will break downthe importance of running or jogging in order to lose fats.
First of all one should be aware that running is included in cardio exercises. Cardio exercises are the ones that increase our heart rate to a level where body (muscles) starts to lose fats. They also include high metabolism aerobics, swimming, cycling, brisk walking, riding or sports.
Most importantly, for cardio exercises, the muscles should be given a rest of at least 8hrs to restore the glycogen stored in them or else lactic acid will be deposited. When lactic acid deposition takes place in muscles, the fat loss process is completely hampered. So it is advisable that you do your cardio 4 to 5 times a week but regularly.

Let us come to the point that why I am professing running for fat loss as the best kind of cardio in young and middle aged people.

Most Importantly: It will help you lose fats very quickly

Secondly: It will distress you, save you from continuous release of cortisol hormone automatically defending your body against fat deposition mode and will provide safeguard, to many of you, against emotional binging.

Best Running Tips For Beginners

So next question is what needs to be done if you have chosen running for fat loss. In such a case, person should try to run 10 miles per week. So it makes 2 miles per day if you run 5 times a week. Here one thing to be noted is that if you are a beginner obviously you cannot run 2 miles in a day for 5 days regularly. For such people, it is advised that they build their stamina of jogging and it may take 1 month to achieve the above mentioned target.

Once you are done with your stamina building and you have achieved a target of running 2 miles per day for 5 times a week, you should start taking another factor into account. This includes the timings; if you want to lose fats you must run 25-35 min per day 5 times a week. But keep in mind, in jogging distance covered is of prime importance over speed.

The kind of running which is most effective against fats is slow jogging of 25 to 35 min daily for 5 times a week covering 2 to 2.5 miles daily.

How much FAT would you be losing if you achieve the above mentioned target? Studies have shown that a person weighing 125 lb – 130 lb, jogging for 10 miles-11 miles per week will roughly lose 1000 calories; a person with 175lb- 185lb while jogging for 10miles-11 miles per week will roughly lose 1400 calories and a person heavier with a weight of 225 lb- 235 lb when jog for 10 miles per week would lose almost 1800 calories.

Let me enlighten you further, since 1lb of fats consists of roughly 35000 calories so a person with 125lb-130lb needs almost 4 to 5 weeks to lose 1 pound of fats where as a person with 225lb to 235lb would need 2 to 2.5 weeks to lose 1 lb of fats if he is achieving above mentioned target of jogging regularly. Haven’t simple mathematics made losing fats a very simple process?

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Is it that simple to lose fats with jogging? Sorry to say, no. Fat burning process includes lots of other factors other than regular jogging. They include your health conditions; your dietary habits; your stress levels; your genetics and your attitude towards healthy life style. In short best running tips cant help you even. I am not discouraging you but yes these factors are also important in fat loss other than the prime factor which is exercise (mainly cardio).

Those who jog regularly always manage to lose fats from their body because running distress their body and automatically helps them to lose fats. So if you want to live a long healthy life, then run for your life.

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  1. Rose Isabella says

    Treadmill can help a lot if you are willing to burn your belly fat

  2. Rose Isabella says

    but there are always other options to try on, for instance swimming..!!

  3. Linasusan says

    you need to an expert for such things of dow …. its better to run then drown .. in visions of not running cause fo running

  4. Jimmykahn says

    running is the best exercise to stay healthy. they say it also reduces one’s propensity to be in depression and ir releases stress

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