The Only Secret For Burning Fat

The Only Secret For Burning Fat

Fat Loss

Cardio zone uses carbohydrates as primary energy source and outsmarts body by stopping it from repairing fats. Fat loss is an ultimate dream of existing species. Your BMI and BMR are the determinant factors along with others to get rid of fats. Obese, fat, chubby or slightly overweight, all try different tricks and ways to get rid of fats. For a reminder, only those fats are an enemy, which is extra in body, otherwise required body fats are meant to support, insulate and protect the viscera of the body.

They are known as visceral fats. In some cases visceral fats are also dangerous such as extra visceral fats over the middle and lower upper body regions, as they cause diseases.

The subcutaneous fats are the ones we all target to lose through different dietary habits and exercise programs. But the truth is that if you are an overweight person you need to lose both kinds of fats.

For fat loss the best exercise programs which we should follow must fall in the cardio burning zone. Exercise which ranges in fat burning zone is also meant to lose fats but fat loss and its maintenance becomes a difficult process as compared to the fats lost by cardio training zone.

Cardio zone usually exists in high intensity exercise programs

Fat burning zone usually exist in low intensity exercise programs

Why Cardio Zone Is Best For Fat Loss?

For cardio zone workouts the first energy source comes from carbohydrates (glycogen) that are stored in the muscles. Glycogen starts to deplete almost after half an hour of intensive workout; for glycogen to be the primary source of energy loss, abundant oxygen is a prerequisite. So do not forget to breathe while exercising, you are doing the drill to make yourself healthy not to suffocate yourself.

During carbohydrate burning, as a primary energy source, the burning of fats and its conversion into carbohydrates only provides the backup energy. So in a real sense it is the fats which provide energy once the glycogen storageis over, but only after converting them into carbohydrates first.

Body has a natural mechanism of repair. Whenever the fatsare depleted, the body naturally repairs them. Do not be scared because here comes the pointthat makes cardio zone the best workout zone for fat loss. In cardio zone workout, the body considers carbohydrates as the primary energy provider, although fats are also providing energy during the workout but by converting them into carbohydrates first! In that case body perceives carbohydrates as being lost from the body.

As a natural response, glycogen will be rebuilt after eight hours of exercise. If it were fats as the basic primary energy source provider, then body will perceive fats as the lost entity and would try to repair them after few hours of exercise, which acts as a leg puller for the exerciser. In cardio zone workouts the body focus is shifted from fat repair because according to body perception fats are not lost but they did get lost in real.

So Cardio Zone Is The Secret For Burning Fat

It uses carbohydrates as the primary source of fuel and outsmarts the body by barring it from repairing fats as a natural response.

It helps the body not to replace it with fats after weight loss as the maintenance of lost weight becomes easy as compared to weight loss done by other exercise zones.

These workouts are intense and take 30-35 minutes to get done with for the day.

The post-workout metabolism of the body is improved and body burns calories while resting.

They arouse the challenging spirit in the people and pull them out of their comfort zone.

They help achieve fitness level fast.

Pre-Condition To Cardio Zone Workouts:

As I have mentioned above, cardio zone usually occurs in high intensity exercises so it means the requirement for this zone should be known completely. Pre-condition for cardio zone are:

Firstly, you are physically and medically not compromised. There should not be any pre-existing cardiovascular condition, no chronic respiratory disease, no bone defects and no injurious pain.

Secondly, Good ventilated workout area and Oxygen supply is a must.

You already have an aerobic base developed.

You are not extremely overweight. If so, you must start from low-intensity exercises and develop a good aerobic base for next few months and then hit the cardio zone.
Mechanism Of Cardio Zone: Secret For Burning Fat

It is the best exercise zone because it helps in losing fats that are lost on moderate manner but their loss is easy to maintain.
While exercising your heart rate should touch 85% of maximum heart rate for one minute and then drop back to 50%. Cool there for a minute and then boost your heart rate to 85%. This back and forth exercise is actually working out in a cardio-zone. One perform it on a treadmill by switching between running, followed by jogging and brisk walking, as cardio zone is easy to maintain on modern treadmills. However, many exercise programs have been designed to target cardio zones.

Heart rate for cardio zone is determined by this formula:

Maximum Heart Rate (220)- 30 – Age = Maximum Cardio Zone Heart Rate

So if you are 30 years of age your cardio zone would exist between 160 to 130 of your heart rate.

Cardio zone exercises are the interval trainings, which are mostly based on repeated cycles of abrupt sprouts of intense exercise for one minute and then easy sprouts for the other minutes. It may be a cardio running program on treadmill, or running by using a cardio watch, or intense workout plans.

All of above reasons make cardio zone workouts the best form of exercises for fat loss. They are intense, short and effective. “Go hard or go home”.

  1. Morbid Serenade says

    What does your other workout schedule look like? That sounds like it could potentially lead to over-training if you’re doing an hour in the morning then another workout later in the day. Two-a-days are doable if intensity of workouts is varied of course. But, if you’re just asking for advice on transitioning to morning workouts … the easiest way (for me) to transition to morning workouts is to make sure you have everything ready to go so you it’s one less thing to think about. Also, be consistent with your schedule. If you’re not a morning person, I would suggest giving the morning workouts a go 3-4 times a week to help you adjust. Good luck!

  2. Pauline Estowa says

    Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy and outsmart body by repairing it from body fats. Daily exercise and maintenance of routine are the key for better health and understanding of our body needs. Cardio zone is best for fat loss and half hour intense workout can help in burning fats and weight loss. Our body has natural repair mechanism and the key to fitness is the proper maintenance of the body needs.

  3. Jimmykahn says

    After getting a sustained energy source from these carbs and proteins etc you definitely need exercise to reduce weight. and yes it needs to be high intensity workouts. which propagates that high intensity workouts are more appropriate for weight loss. The only thing to note in this regard is that one needs to keep doing this regularly with not more then necessary intervals

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