The Perfect Ten-Minute Ab Workout Plan By Leandro Carvalho

Do you want to build muscular abs and get rid of all that belly fat, but seem to fail continuously? We know working out is hard, especially when every ab workout you see requires you to invest a lot of time into exercises.

Here Is 10 Mint Workout For Belly Fat By Leandro Carvalho,

The famous Brazilian fitness expert, has shared the best time-friendly ab workout for belly fat plan for all those who are seeking to build abs. People who love to go to beach and expose their abs would definitely benefit from this 10-minute long exercise routine.

For the best result, this ab workout needs to be done twice or thrice a week. Following are the steps that need to be followed.

Step 1: The Chop A

workout for belly fat

This is the first step that is for the legs, arms, hips and core. The exercise requires the person to stand with legs just a little less wide than the shoulders and keep the arms straight downwards. Press the right toe on the floor while moving the body a little towards the left side and spread the left arm upwards.

Step 2: The Chop B

workout for belly fat

The person has to sway his left arm around his body. Meanwhile, the left leg should be bent slightly with the left toe on the floor. Further, flex the right leg and twist the body to the right side. Try to touch the floor with the left hand by moving downwards, about 4 inches outside the right foot and keep the eyes on the hand. Repeat this 20 times and then change sides and restart.

Step 3: Twist With Dumbbells A

workout for belly fat

This is the exercise for legs, core and shoulders. Stretch out on a mat with the knees bent, keeping both feet on the ground. Carry 5 pound dumbbell in both hands, keeping them close to your torso with your arms bent. Raise your knees such that they are above your buttocks and the toes are facing the ceiling.

Step 4: Twist with Dumbbells B

During this, one needs to raise their shoulder blades without putting any stress on the neck and move the body towards the left side. Stretch the right arm towards the outside of the left knee. Lower down your torso towards the mat and bring the dumbbells close to your chest. Repeat it by tilting to the right side, so that the rep is complete. Do 20 reps of this step.

workout for belly fat

Step 5: Under the Bridge A

One needs to lie down on the mat with arms and legs stretched in a way that it forms a T. A 5 pound dumbbell must be carried in the left hand and bend the left leg to the extent that the knee reaches on top of the left hip.

Step 6: Under the Bridge B

workout for belly fat

This step, includes lifting the shoulders and passing a dumbbell to the right hand from the left hand, beneath the left leg. To complete the rep, keep the dumbbell in the right hand and try extending both arms in a manner that they are parallel to the shoulders. Change sides and repeat 20 times.

Follow this ab workout at least twice a week and you will soon see the tummy flab burning away to be replaced by a toned, muscular and attractive abdomen!


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