Prevent Osteoporosis: Best Exercises To Save Yourself

Prevent Osteoporosis: Best Exercises To Save Yourself

Prevent Osteoporosis

Can’t climb up the stairs? Can’t walk or run a distance? Do your joints hurt all the time? Well Bad news for you because you might be suffering from Osteoporosis.
Exercise is the best way to increase the mineral bone density in individuals belonging to any age, race and gender. Exercise is a miracle for people suffering from osteoporosis and a savior for those who want to protect themselves against this silent killer of the bones. In such a case some therapeutic exercises are very effective because mineral density of bones in post-menopausal women and men after age 40 can be increased through these exercises.

Exercises To Prevent Osteoporosis

Especially back muscle strengthening exercises, Yoga and light weight exercises also help in building the muscle tone and mass. Resistance trainings with the elastic bands are other modern ways to strengthen the muscles.

Light Weight Training

In light weight training you must keep in mind that the whole idea of such exercises revolve around the proper angulation and complete extension and flexion of the required muscle, it is a must otherwise either you will experience an injury to the tendon or ligament or the whole pressure is submitted to the bone and instead of gaining strength in your muscle you will end up damaging your bone. For this regime of exercise to be effective hire a personal trainer till you get an expert in light weight lifting exercises. Light weight lifting exercises are enough 3 times a week along with a trainer.

Do Yoga

Yoga is a postural exercise in which posture is synchronized with the breathing pattern. These exercises improve the endocrinal gland system, the body flexibility, increase the bone mass and strengthen the muscle tone. The estrogen in women and Testosterone in men stayed balanced and the bone mass density stayed protected from the harmful effects of these hormones.

Resistance Trainings

Elastic bands are used in resistance training are effective in elderly people and especially who have developed osteopenia/osteoporosis. the science behind this exercises regime is that it is different from free weight training and thought the guidance of the elastic thread/band size, function and strength of the muscle is improved. through elastic band training the regional hyper trophy and preferential hypertrophy of the muscle can be attained. The work out against osteoporosis must include the band training for abdominal muscles, chest, shoulders, legs and back.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial arts discipline which targets the mind body coordination. Osteoporosis is mostly developed after the age of 45 and as the people age the chances of them to fall down and get any fractured bone is very common. So those above 50,must join Tai Chi training program because it has beneficial effects in maintaining the balance and avoiding the non-vertebral fractures. Evidence of improved fall-predictive balance in osteopenic women has been found.

Weight Bearing Exercises

Such exercises include all those weight bearing moves that are against the gravity. They range from high tech gym oriented exercises to climbing stairs, walking, hiking and jogging. One must kept in mind that bicycling and swimming are not the part of such exercise regime.

These exercises are very effective for muscle strengthening and bone mass density increase but these exercises are not highly recommended for people who have already developed osteoporosis or osteopenia

Intensive Exercises

like high metabolism aerobics, cycling, jogging, swimming or any sport for people after 30. High metabolism aerobics may include Zumba, hard core aerobics, dance etc. The exercise should be 4-5 times a week but with regularity.

Adopt Hobbies

Like gardening, trekking and hiking are the hobbies that can save you from developing osteoporosis. Reason being they keep your body in constant movement with different angels and postures and will result in saving you from this bone killing disease. But if you have developed osteoporosis or osteopenia then these hobbies are not for you.

Other life style modification tips for those who have developed osteoporosis and if they cannot develop those hobbies mentioned above:

Prefer climbing stairs rather than going through lifts

Prefer near-by walking over transports

Do not walk in heels

Massage your wrist, knee, ankle and leg muscles with olive oil

Duration of Exercises

Duration must be 30-45 min for the people who want to save themselves from osteoporosis.

If you are a diagnosed patient of osteopenia/osteoporosis then above mentioned exercises for small intervals like 15-20 min exercise twice a day is more effective.

Precautions To Prevent Osteoporosis

Use knee, ankle, wrist and elbow support so that you can save yourself from muscle injury.

People already suffering from osteoporosis should be careful in putting pressure on their back, knee and wrist joints. They should avoid sudden change of postures during exercises.

Those who are used to of excising after 30 they would be able to save themselves from this disease. But even if you are one of those who were not physically active before and now you are approaching 40, you can start working out from today.

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