Want To Be A Superhero? Being A Weekend Warriors Won’t Help You

Batman, Superman, Daredevil, WonderWoman or the super human with a more “human” name Jessica Jones, you have all seen them performing their jaw dropping moves and kick some major <expletive word>. While watching those extraordinary moves, we ordinary humans also feel the impulse in our hands and legs and try our strength on the next pillow we find around us.And as soon as the movie or the show ends, we take out to the garageand go on a full rampage mode. This adrenaline rush stays inside our motivation until Sunday and as soon as Monday begins, everything turns back to normal for theordinary specie.

Want To Be A Superhero?

If Spiderman can fly above roads from building to building, then we surely can become a slam dunker or one of those cool kids in Youtube videos that perform wild jumps. You extract inspiration from any superhero and may find its implication in a mild form in your own life, all you have to do is show hustle.

The term weekend warrior may be new for you but not the character. Look around and you will find a weekend warrior almost everywhere. Oops! You may be one of them too. So let me be a little more open about it. A weekend warrior is the one who will play/perform/indulge in a strenuous activity on weekends despite having a sedentary or less physical activity lifestyle during the week. Our dilemma is that we think that exercise and physical activity can be ignored because the weekend is for all the sports.

Superhero Workout — Weekend Warriors Won’t Help You
Over exercising on weekends while being inactive during the rest, occurs mostly in men due to their high motivational levels, competitive natures, social buildups, manly superiority and peer pressure.

Weekend warrior syndrome is dangerous for your cardiovascular system because it can give you a heart attack. The journal of American Medical Association states that the sedentary lifestyle leaders are 30 times more susceptible than normal people on doing activities where they have to push their limits in terms of physical activity.

And if you are a person with minimal physical activity then chances are, you must be a carefree obese, chain smoker, binge eater or emotional alcoholic, then you are not alone because 25% of Americans are living an inactive life, and your chances to heart disease is double than others on sudden strenuous exercise. On exposure to a sudden strenuous activity spasm in heart vessels, heart attack or cardiovascular diseases are likely to occur.

Weekend Warriors Die Young!

The risk of injury in spine, knees, ankles and shoulders is very common in weekend warriors; with continuous cases muscle spasms. Having an impertinent work out schedule, the muscles cannot accustom the endurance in stretching and relaxing at rapid levels for 45 to 60 minutes and this leads to high injury chances.

The high intensity workouts or long hour sports will result in the exploitation of glycogen from the muscles and accumulation of lactic acid leading to cramps. Trust me this is the minimal side effect of being a weekend warrior. The wrong stretching of muscles, especially the ankle and leg muscles, result in sprains, knee pains, plantar fascitis, backaches and frozen shoulders.

Your Superhero Is Hurt And It’s All Your Fault

Weekend warriors are of the view that strenuous activity is enabling them to lose extra weight, but this is a wrong concept. Fat loss can be achieved by regular exercise. This sudden exercise may lead you to overeating that may result in gaining extra calories than the ones you lost.

Another question is how to save yourself from becoming a weekend warrior?  If you are one of those who are super busy throughout the week then make a daily shower stretch routine which will take hardly 20 minutes. If you can find time for yourself within the week then go for zumba, aerobics, yoga, pilates, running, cycling or gyming 3 to 4 times a week for 30 minutes. Only this way you can have a physical superiority on weekends safely over your peers, family and competitors.

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