People think that skipping breakfast would not have any bad effects on their health. All those who are conscious about their weight believe that if they would not eat the morning meal, they will not put on weight. This way losing weight would be even more difficult.

Studies show that skipping meals does not help in losing weight. Missing breakfast is the worst possible thing a person can do. The body requires energy to perform the tasks and therefore breakfast is necessary. People who do not eat breakfast, eat more than others and hence gain weight.

The benefits of Breakfast:

People must eat breakfast which is full of nutrients and would maintain the glucose, the human body require for the day. When a person wakes up, the stomach is starving as throughout the time of his sleep the stomach has digested the night meal and now wants something to eat. If at that time the person does not eat anything, the acids inside the stomach could cause diseases such as ulcers. It also affects the weight of the person as well as his moods.

Experts have mentioned many times that skipping breakfast is one of the biggest mistakes a person can make. If a person eats the right amount of food earlier in the morning, the body will lose calories rather than gaining any.

Foods To Eat During Breakfast:

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Image: Google

One must eat whole grains, fruits and eggs which can keep them healthy. These foods will provide with enough nutrients and will keep the blood sugar to a level, that would help the body work properly all day long. If proper level of vitamins and minerals are not taken in, the body feels weak and many a times people feel dizzy.

How Not Eating Breakfast Affects the Body:

Image: Corbis

Image: Corbis

When a person doesn’t eat breakfast, he cannot lose weight. He gets the urge of eating and they eat a lot and gain weight. They feel weak and nausea. Eating at odd timings would lead to gaining more calories. To avoid high level of fats, Breakfast should be a must meal.

Another reason that people tend to skip breakfast is that they do not have time early in the morning to prepare for themselves a healthy meal. Instead of missing the breakfast altogether, they must find a way out. They can buy whole grain cereals, which are a healthier option as well as keep enough fruits at home that they can eat while walking to their office.

Many studies suggest that, all those who do not eat breakfast have health issues. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, carried out a study which revealed that, “ Over 12000 people in a period of 5 years were observed, who used to eat breakfast. The effects of having breakfast were studied on the basis of, the quality of food they were eating, their energy level and the body mass index. The BMI result was low, the energy level was high too.” The result thus suggested that, people must eat breakfast to keep themselves healthy. If one wants to lose weight, they must not consider skipping their breakfasts