Eat on thrun lifestyle where everyone is head to toe preoccupied with their official jobs while knowing the risks associated with junk or fast food on the health, the better choice to-opt for are fruits and raw vegetables. In-spite the known fact, that whole fruits and veggies are better than juices due to their high fiber content and low levels of fruit sugar, juices are still considered to be light and refreshing for both mental and physical health. And the intake of juices mostly doubles after workouts. Juices are known to be nutritious due to their high content of vitamins and minerals but they are also super concentrated in sugars.

Many of us use juices for healthy and glowing complexion and for turbocharging our energy levels. Orange juice is mostly popular among masses because it is loaded with vitamin C, an antioxidant that reduces blood pressure, PMS and helps prevent and manage arthritis, cataracts and maintain healthy hair and skin.Other juices that are in common use are cranberry, apple, prune and grapefruit juices, each having its own significant effect on our health.

But have you ever thought of using beetroot juice? Although it’s not trendy to use beetroot juice, researchers have found the reason how beetroot juice helps reduce blood pressure and what in particular is that significant factor that improves cardiac health and exercise performance in COPD and why it has prime importance for athletes.

Beetroot And Cancer

Cancer has become common in today’s’ era. We dread the time when either our loved ones or ourselves are diagnosed with a cancer. It is not only that a cancer patient has to go through surgical intervention but also sometimes chemotherapy/radiotherapy followed by long years of continuous medicine in take. A study compared the cytotoxic effect of beetroot extract and doxorubicin in human prostate and breast cancer cell lines. The study showed that both beetroot and doxorubicin exhibited a dose dependent cyto-toxic effect in two cancer cell lines. Although the cyto-toxic effect of beet root was significantly less than doxorubicin, it continued to decrease the growth rate of prostate cancer cells at 29 ug/ml concentration. Further studies are required to evaluate the chemo preventive potential of beetroot extract.

Are You Familiar To Beet Root?

Beet root or scientifically known as Beta vulgaris is a deep red or maroon, round vegetable resembling turnips. It is also known as table beet,garden beet, golden or red beet. The taste is described as sweet ,earthy and tender to eat. They are packed with essential nutrients and are  rich in fiber, folate, potassium, manganese, iron and vitamin C. It has been FDA approved red food color E162.

Beet root has been proved to improve exercise performance in COPD patients, reduce bloopressure and heart failure due to high content of nitrates and increases blood flow to muscles that receive less oxygen.

Beetroot Juice Improves Exercise Performance In COPD

Those who have COPD, they know the real torture of this disease. Very few and less effective organic ways have been discovered so far to counter the effects of COPD in a COPD patient. Finally Recent research has shown that patients who ingested beet root juice prior to exercise, improved their exercise tolerance. This is because beetroot is rich in nitrates. Nitrates act asvasodilators and speedup oxygen consumption. COPD is a lung disease that makes it to hard to breathe. It occurs due to damage to lungs over many years, especially due to smoking.

Patients with COPD become short of breath on exertion or gasp for air while climbing up the stairs. As a result, they engage less in physical activities and lead a sedentary life style.

Beetroot Juice For Athletes And Heart Failure Patients

Beet root juice is found o be good for heart patients and for athletes. Beet root have been fund to aid in more flow of blood through the arteries of athletes or heart patients. So the constriction and less flow of blood which result in to de-oxygenation in the body and finally cause shortness of breath can be contained. A research published in Journal of Physiology showed that beetroot concentrate is rich innitrates and improves blood flow to skeletal muscle. The nitrate is reduced to nitrite in the mouth by the bacteria. This nitrite is swallowed and reduced to nitric oxide which is a potent vasodilator and dilates blood vessels and allows blood to go where ever it needs to.

A research conducted by Queen Mary University of London examined the benefits of beetroot juice on blood pressure in the participants. Some of the participants were given beetroot juice, others were given placebo and still others were given nitrate tablets. The researchers observed that blood pressure was reduced in 24 hours in participants who took beetroot juice and nitrate tablets.

Beetroot Juice And Dementia

Since nitrates are reduced to nitric oxide in the body which is a potent vasodilator and improves blood flow to muscles and oxygen uptake so beetroot juice has been found to enhance blood flow to brain in the elderly and helps prevent progression of dementia in elderly.

Dementia is common in the west and especially in old people. The most scared disease among Americans excluding heart disease is dementia or other memory loss diseases. In dementia memory is lost and this disease sometimes affects the young people too. Since nitrates are reduced to nitric oxide in the body which is a potent vasodilator and improves blood flow to muscles and oxygen uptake so beetroot juice has been found to enhance blood flow to brain in the elderly and helps prevent progression of dementia in elderly. So on approaching 60, make beet root juice your best buddy.

All in all, we can say that although this vegetable is not favored by many of us on our dining tables , yet we can add this vegetable in our salads or gradually develop a taste for the juice before ending up in any cardiac disease and fully avail benefits of its natural source of nitrates and start living with a healthy heart.