Fitness Instructor, Becca Pace Reveals Her Eating Routine

Everyone is busy thinking about their own fitness. Nobody realizes what a fitness instructor’s routine maybe; their eating habits, how they maintain their health and carry out their job. The famous fitness instructor, Becca Pace, gives 6 classes to people in at least 6 different situations everyday. She also burns almost 365 calories per day.

She said: “The class styles that I specialize in require a lot of physical demo-ing from me, since they are structured to flow much like a dance class. Plus, the commute can take me from the east side to the west, uptown to downtown, and I even teach in New Jersey one night a week. You can imagine, I get hungry with all of that action!”

She talked about her diet and the basic things that keep her going through the day. Her main source of survival is water. She keeps a water bottle with her, and given her work, stays hydrated as much as possible. She said: “I pretty much only drink water, with the occasional coffee and hot tea in the mix, so having a steady supply is super important—especially when I’m running all over NYC all day.”

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She also likes to consume different types of smoothies and all such foods that can keep her energetic for longer periods. Peanut butter is a must in her diet plan and regular snacking is the key to her staying healthy.

She further revealed what her daily meals constitute of. In her breakfast, she likes to eat fruits, depending on what is available at home. A granola bar, greek yogurt are also part of her daily breakfast. She said: “This is quick and easy for me to prepare, especially on my early morning starts, and gives me a little bit of everything to boost my energy and start my day off right.”

As for the lunch, she is often out and therefore, eats at a restaurant. She mostly orders a soup made out of a broth from kale, tomato, avocado and beans. She said that the soup is very tasty and keeps her tummy full for a long time. It gives her enough energy to work and is a healthy choice.

During dinner, Pace is quite hungry after working all day long. She loves eating pasta and considering the number of calories she burnt in the day, she requires some carbohydrates. But she doesn’t devour on the food like there’s no tomorrow, she keeps some space in her stomach, to avoid overeating. She eats very slowly and revealed the digestion process works well if eaten at a slow speed.

Pace has always been a big can of eating ice cream. She treats herself with an ice cream every now and then, after her dinner. She mentioned: “I have been eating ice cream since I was a little girl, and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon!”



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