7 Health Benefits Of Chocolate

Health benefits of Chocolate, the most loved treat of every aged person. Chocolates are the best item to give away as a gift or enjoy eating in cakes. They are known for reducing depression and bringing a smile on the face.

However, many are careful when enjoying this treat, since it is widely believed to be unhealthy. Is this true? The simple answer is, yes and no!

Yes, chocolate may be harmful when consumed in excess – but the excess of everything is bad! The good news is that when consumed in a moderate amount in accordance with the sugar level needed by the body on a daily basis, chocolate does no harm. In fact, it actually benefits health in a number of ways, and this is true for both dark and milk chocolate!

Health Benefits Of Chocolate: It Regulates The Heart

Scientists have found that daily consumption of moderate amounts of both dark and milk chocolate can help lower risk of stroke and heart disease. Dark chocolate is considered to be very healthy for the heart. It removes blockage from the arteries by preventing white blood cells from accumulating at the walls of the arteries. It also keeps the arteries flexible for the better flow of blood cells.

In Finland a group of men were tested. The results revealed that chocolate reduces the occurrence of strokes by 17%.

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Health Benefits Of Chocolate: It Contains Essential Minerals

Dark chocolate is rich in many minerals like potassium, selenium, zinc, iron etc. A 100 gram bar provides the body with 67% of RDA of iron. These minerals are beneficial for everyday as well as long-term physical and mental health.

It Reduces Cholesterol

Chocolate health benefits: helpful in reducing the bad cholesterol level in the body. Cocoa constitutes to the lessening of cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol. Naturally, low levels of cholesterol leads to lower risk of heart diseases.

It Improves The Skin

The darker versions consist of flavonols, which are helpful in protecting the skin from UV rays of the sun. It acts like a sun screen and keeps the skin from getting damaged.

It Helps With Weight Loss

Will Clower, a neuroscientist, has said, “It is very effective in losing weight. If a person eats a small piece of chocolate before the meal, the stomach will feel full due to the consumption of chocolate and therefore the person would eat less.” He also mentioned that eating it 20 minutes before your meal is good and safe.

In Finland, the survey was carried out that showed, that the delicacy good conductor of reducing stress and tensions. It is said that the pregnant woman who eats such items stays stress free and her child smiles more often than usual.

Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes

Diabetes can be treated with the help of chocolate. Yes, this is NOT a joke! The cocoa present in chocolates has been found effective in improving insulin reactiveness. Dark chocolates contain flavanols that can prevent memory loss. It also has anti- inflammatory features that heal any injuries to the brain.

Chocolate Makes Us Happy!

That is the best. Chocolate has phenylethylamine, a chemical which tends to make you happy. It is a chemical excreted by the brain’s pleasure center – like at the time when you feel like you are in love. It is chemical that tells your brain that you are feeling amazing.

So if you are someone who hasn’t been consuming too much of cocoa, now may be a great time! Remember that it is only the excess of everything that is bad, and a controlled amount of all food products can be healthy for you!

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