Snacks are one of the most favorite meals of the day. People love having snacks but forget they might be eating unhealthy. Weight conscious people would likely be devouring foods that may increase their weight, without even realizing it! However, don’t worry. Maintaining a healthy body does not mean you have to stop snacking. It simply means you have to switch to healthy snacks!

Healthy Snacks can actually help you lose weight!

Specialists have explained that people must plan before eating what they are going to eat and what nutrients they will get out of these food items. They must make it a habit to consuming, nuts, yogurt and similar healthy snacks instead of grabbing a doughnut or a bag of crisps loaded with calories! It is crucial to feed on nutritional and healthy snacks, because they keeps the tummy full for a longer period of time.

The number of calories is not the main issue!

A person must add one to two snacks in their diet plan, which will help them avoid over-eating and even passing by a sweet shop wouldn’t be such a big problem. People must make sure that they are picking items that are packed with nutrients. Eating a bowl of whole grain cereal will provide the body with 250 calories including all the necessary fiber, minerals and vitamins. A chocolate may also provide 250 calories but doesn’t provide all the nutrients. This means that not only will you be filling up on empty sugar calories, but will also start feeling hungry soon!

The main objective must be to look after your health and avoid foods which provide MORE but healthy calories. Opting for such snacks, which are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. is important. Some such healthy snacks include nut bars, hummus, popcorn and Greek yogurt.

Not all fat is bad!

It is a common misconception for people to completely let go of fat, not realizing that our body needs a small proportion of it. Snacks can be a great way to incorporate healthy fat into your diet. There are many types of foods that contain healthy fats, like olive oil, fish, nuts and avocados.

Doctor Sarah Schenker has given away some great advice as to how a person may eat healthy snacks and what food items must be added to the diet plan. Here are a few of her suggestions:

  • Instead of eating low-fat biscuits, have oatcakes with hummus, which are way healthier and provide necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • Eating a peanut butter with wheat bread is better than consuming cereal bars. Cereal bars contain sugar which is unhealthy, whereas peanut butter provides proteins and keeps the body energetic throughout the day.
  • Eating vegetable sticks with an avocado dip is better than having light crisps. While they don’t fill you up at all and you may think they are harmless, crisps contain high levels of salt which retains water weight, whereas avocados have antioxidants that keep the body healthy.
  • Drinking a glass of milk is much better than a smoothie. Milk provides with calcium and minerals, whereas smoothies are rich in sugars that can increase the weight. If you have a craving for a smoothie, you can make great healthy snacks by adding natural fruit and low fat yogurt and milk, omitting all artificial sugars.
  • Greek yogurt with frozen berries is another healthy alternative to more fattening options like strawberry ice cream. Ice cream is full of sugar and has artificial flavoring of the fruit, providing empty calories.

So when you are watching your weight, remember that healthy snacks can actually help you lose fat faster. It all depends on making sure that the calories you consume are good for you. Our best recommendation is to pay more attention to the nutrients in what you are eating that the calorie count, since keeping yourself healthy is the primary goal!