Could herbs and spices cure cancer? Today, spices are increasingly revered not only for their culinary properties but also for their potential health benefits. For most of us cooking is a natural catharsis. By incorporating some particular ingredients in our everyday dishes, we can practice lifesaving ways Name of ‘Cancer’ is obnoxious enough to repel us all, while apathy towards it due to its unwanted existence and increased occurrence cannot be maintained. To prevent ourselves from falling prey to this life threatening disease, a few simple steps stated in this article along with herbs and spices, can pull us miles away from this ever looming danger.

Garlic: Herbs And Spices In Cancer Prevention And Treatment

This humble vegetable has wonderful benefits to show off. Can we cook without garlic? No. The luscious aroma and flavor cannot be achieved unless garlic is a part of our cooked dish, be it in form of garlic toasted bread, garlic spread or fried in a spoon of oil in the pan. It belongs to the family of ‘Allium’ vegetables and like its cousins, challots and onions; it carries organosulfur, a bioactive compound that causes water secretion from eyes when these are peeled.

This chemical has the anti-carcinogenic properties and can strengthen immune system to the extent that our body is able to fight against any insurgency even in the form of tumor cells.

The Gratifying Ginger

Another certified knight in the battle against cancer is ginger which not only adds flavor to our food but also has the amazing ability to lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels in blood. It carries antioxidants that help in digestion and also adds impetus to our rate of metabolism. Ginger carries ‘zingerone’ if it is in a dried form whereas fresh ginger has ‘gingerol’. These chemicals are anti-inflammatory and have tumor cells-killing properties that will ensure a life, free of cancer nightmares. Ways of putting ginger to use:

  • Brew a cup of ginger tea and enjoy the soothing effect
  • Ginger ale   
  • Ginger jam
  • Grated fresh ginger bits added to any dish you cook

The ‘Oolala’ Oregano

There is way more value to oregano than just adding a kick to steak sauce and pizza toppings. It is a promising herb that can .stifle the growth of prostate cancer cells Oregano is a source of ‘carvacrol’, the active compound which has antimicrobial and disinfectant properties. Heterocyclic amines are the molecules formed when food is overcooked for too long, especially meat dishes. These chemicals, heterocyclic amines, are a means of stimulating tumor growth in animals. Oregano has the ability toprevent formation of this chemical, ‘heterocyclic amines’, in food. It would be more than relevant to mention here that parsley, mint and basil also carry carvacrol.

The Reassuring Rosemary

We all love to flavor steak sauce with rosemary due to its distinct flavor but did you know that research has provided evidence that it contains a fatty acid called ’terpene’ which prevents the tumor cells from regeneration? According to a trial carried out while administrating the terpene to cancer patients in collaboration with chemotherapeutic drugs like Adriamycin, the cells respond better to anti cancer drugs even if they had shown resistance formerly.

The Terrific Thyme

Thyme is not just a garnishing herb but has been traditionally used over centuries in the form of tea by Romans. It is a rich source of oil called ‘thymol’ and ursolic acid. Recent studies show that these naturally occurring chemicals have anti cancer effects on the body. These are all readily available remedies which you might also want to plant in your home garden. So what are you waiting for?

“Let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food.” Said Hippocrates.