Your Toast Is Trying To Kill You

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Did you ever think you would seriously consider that question? Let me add to your troubles, your potatoes could be out to get you too.

The Killer Food

A recent study has squashed our lunch plans and proved that certain kinds of yummy things contain high levels of acrylamide, a chemical that causes cancer. The report, issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), checked regular food to see how much of the chemical they contained.

Acrylamide has been previously marked as a genotoxic carcinogen because it could potentially affect cell DNA and give someone cancer. It changes your genetic material quite literally. The study shows that crispy potato fries and chips, along with burnt toast, have a high enough level for them to be a problem.

So how did we end up with killer toast and assassin potatoes? The sugars, amino acids and water in these goods interact when exposed to temperatures above 120 degree Celsius. The more you cook this stuff the higher the likelihood is that it’ll up the ante on its acrylamide presence. Yup, overcooking your food can give you cancer.

The Study Results

The study involved samples from 50 different homes. For toast it found that bread with the palest color had 9 micrograms of the chemical per every kilogram. On the other hand, the darkest toast had over 167 micrograms of the chemicals, at least 19 times more than the pale toast.

The results were more or less the same for roasted potatoes and fries. The palest had 50 times smaller amounts of acrylamide than their well cooked alternatives. The roast potatoes had 80 times smaller amounts of the chemical when less cooked as compared to the well cooked batch.

According To FSA

FSA’s chief scientific advisor, Prof. Guy Poppy, has said that cooking food for longer meant more acrylamide which means a bigger impact on the genetic material that we’re made of.

The FSA has also advised people to toast their bread very very slightly. They have additionally said that potatoes only be cooked to the point that they are light gold in color, anymore and you could potentially have cancer in your plate.

We don’t really know how to take this news. It’s been just a couple of weeks since WHO announced that bacon and all sorts of red meats were giving people cancer. And now potatoes and toast are gone. How long before we find out just about anything that tastes good is going to give people cancer. These are tough times, indeed.

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