Unripe fruits might not be a treat for the palate but they sure do have numerous benefits. If a fruit is not naturally green and yet appears to be so, you can be sure that it is not yet ripe; unripe fruit is acidic and has a sour taste.

Health Benefits of Eating Unripe Fruits

Papaya, in all its forms, is deliciously sweet and refreshing. Papayas, very commonly found in the fruit market and your gardens, are often something taken for granted. They are laden with antioxidants such as carotenes, vitamin C, flavanoids, vitamin B1, folate, pantothenic acid and the minerals like potassium and magnesium, it is one of the best fruits for health.

  1. Positive Effect On Digestion

Papayas also contain a high amount of fibre and the digestive enzyme called ‘papain’. They are beneficial in treating disorders of the gastrointestinal tract as the enzyme ‘papain’ relieves gastric juice deficiency. People who have trouble digesting their food have an abnormal sense of bloating after food intake so this fruit accelerates their digestive process, relieving dyspepsia and intestinal irritation.

  1. Regulates Menstrual Flow

Fruits can help improving hormonal flow. Females with an irregular menstrual cycle must have raw papaya juice. It acts on the smooth muscles of the uterus helping it to trigger a natural menstrual flow. Fruits can help improving hormonal flow

  1. Aids Healing Of Septic Wounds

Raw papaya is an extremely effective local antibiotic, used over centuries, for healing open wounds. Nowadays, diabetic wound dressing is done with raw papaya as these wounds have trouble healing.

  1. Treats Acne And Psoriasis

Papaya reduces the severity of symptoms of acne and psoriasis. It is a natural exfoliant which decreases skin pigmentation and brown spots.

  1. Treats Infected Tonsils

Papaya has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties due to the vitamin C that it contains, so when mixed with honey, it is able to heal ‘acute tonsillitis’ (inflamed tonsils).


Mango, the king of fruits, is liked in its raw form in certain parts of the eastern world. It is a rich source of starch whereas a lot of its medicinal qualities are derived from its astringent, acidic taste. Unripe mango tastes sour due to the presence of oxalic acid, citric acid, malic acid and succinic acid. It is also rich in antioxidants such as pectin, Vitamin C, niacin, Vitamin B1 and B2.

  1. Cure Heat Stroke

Mango is one of the fruits can be used to treat heat stroke as they have the ability to relieve dehydration. Here is a treat for this hot summer: You can prepare a cold beverage of mangoes and a little salt. This drink not only replaces your sodium chloride lost during sweating but also iron.

  1. A Miracle Drug For Many Ailments

Green mango offers cure to dysentery, piles, morning sickness, dyspepsia and constipation because of its high starch content .It is indeed a miracle drug, be sure to add some raw sugar to make it edible.

  1. Strengthen Gums And Blood Vessels

The high vitamin C content of mangos makes your blood vessels healthy and your gums strong. It helps form new blood vessels and does not allow one to become anaemic since it acts as an accelerator for iron absorption in the intestine. This fruit is specially recommended in thalassemics who are on chelating therapy (removal of excessive iron from the body).

  1. Gut Cleanser Fruits

It is a wonder fruit containing acids that stimulate the secretion of bile and act as an intestinal antiseptic, therefore cleansing your gut. This tones the liver keeping your digestive system healthy.

Green Bananas
  1. Ensure Healthy Colon

Unripe bananas are rich in pro-biotic component. These are ‘good bacteria’ that ensure the health of our colon.

  1. Good News For Diabetics

These are low in sugar content, so the good news for diabetic patients is that they can freely consume it without worrying about a rise in blood sugar levels.

  1. Improve Nutrient Absorption

Green bananas improve absorption of nutrients in the gut especially calcium that ensures strong bones and healthier teeth.

Be sure, not to overdo the consumption of unripe fruits as they may cause sore throats. Allopathic medicine may have advanced tremendously but these natural remedies are still the foundation of all treatments, so treat your gut with papaya before you take a medicine.

Natural way is always the healthy way!