There is some amazing news for all those people who are planning to reduce their weight. Often, you are told to eat less and workout to lose weight. But there are some items which, when eaten, do not increase weight!

The foods that are been talked about are known as ‘negative calorie foods’. They are foods that require the stomach to do extra work to digest them, hence burning more calories than they actually contain, which means that your body will not retain any fat for them, neither will you need extra physical activity to burn them. Additionally, these foods are packed with water, which curbs appetite and allows the person to cease eating.

Water is considered to be one of the most essential factors in reducing weight. A glass of water before every meal takes up space in the stomach, allowing the person to eat less. Hence, it is a commonly found component in foods that are believed to aid weight loss.

Negative Calorie Foods: Following is our list of the top negative calorie foods!

1. Celery:

Celery is at the top of the list of negative calorie food. This is because the calories burned to prepare one cup of celery, consume and then digest it are way higher than the actual calories it provides to the body. One cup of celery contains 19 calories. This does not allow the body to gain weight and thus can be eaten as much as required.

It also has health benefits, as the juice of celery can be used to treat inflammation. It also contains apigenin, an effective element to reduce ovarian cancer.

These Negative Calorie Foods are rich in many nutrients and including these in diet plan returns you with a healthy and fit life. Image Source: google

These Negative Calorie Foods are rich in many nutrients and including these in diet plan returns you with a healthy and fit life.
Image Source: google

2. Lettuce, green vegetables and onions:

Lettuce is considered to be a vegetable, full of water. A cup of lettuce constitutes a mere 8 calories, which is almost equivalent to nothing.

All green vegetables are known as such food items which help burn calories. Vegetables used in salads do not come in the same category though, because of the presence of dressings. Often, the dressing itself can constitute up to 300 calories! This is because common dressing usually contain fatty oils like soybean oil and MSG, which are harmful for health. MSG is an element than enhances the taste of food, thus making the person eat more. Salads are recommended to people reducing weight, but you must ensure that you eat fresh salads without any dressings, or with low cal dressings.

Another among our top negative calorie foods are onions, a cup containing a total of 64 calories. They are also helpful in strengthening the immune system and have nutrients that can fight cancer cells.

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3. Kelp noodles:

Noodles are not healthy when you are on a diet. They are made up of wheat flour, brown rice flour and even quinoa, which are high in starch and thus are high in calories. Instead of the traditional noodles, you can consume kelp noodles made by sea kelp; they are the perfect meal to have.!They arr packed with water and a bowl of kelp noodles contains only 6 calories.

They also taste amazing when cooked as soup as well as raw noodles. They can also be prepared as spaghetti and, due to the high level of water they contain, you will definitely feel full!

4. Pickles:

Pickles are the best negative calorie foods, as they are made up of cucumbers which themselves are full of water and have only 16 calories at average. However, one has to be careful when choosing pickles because many brands mix sugar in them. You must also avoid pickles that contain an ingredient ‘FD&C yellow #5’; it is very harmful for the health. Or, better yet, just make pickles at home! All you have to do it put cucumbers in vinegar, water and spices.

5. Grapefruit:

A cup of grapefruit consists of 74 calories and commonly this is not counted among negative calorie foods. However, grapefruit contains naringenin, a component that lets the liver burn fats. One must include the white bitter part of the fruit, which helps with fat burn.

Tip: All these foods are listed here as items that curb appetite by filling you up faster. However, while negative calorie foods make for great additions to meals and snacks, do not forget that they cannot be consumed alone in place of meals; you must consume 1400-2000 calories a day, depending on your body type. Going too far below the recommended calorie count will result in weight loss plateaus. Therefore, we recommend using these negative calorie foods to lower the number of calories in your meals and to keep yourself fuller during the day when you have cravings for unhealthy and sweet items.