Pomegranate – The World’s Healthiest Food

Pomegranate – the world’s healthiest food, is a crunchy and juicy fruit which is delicious to the bits. In fact, it was called the ‘Fruit of Heaven’ by our ancestors! Not only are pomegranates delicious but are also highly nutritious, which is why the fruit is used in many herbal medicines as well. Its seeds are dried and used in Asian cuisines. Moreover, a cup of pomegranate consists of 144 calories, so it is great for a controlled diet!

Pomegranate Health Benefits: Here Are The Top Health Benefits Of This Amazing Fruit

1. Heart disease:

Polyphenol is one of the major antioxidant present in pomegranates. These antioxidants treats the damage that has been done to the wall of the arteries, hence keeping the heart healthy. Pomegranates also fight against cholesterol, a major cause of coronary artery disease.

2. Blood pressure:

Pomegranates are considered very helpful in preventing high blood pressure. They attack the angiotensin serum that converts into an enzyme to increase the blood pressure. They also contain punicic acid, which keeps the blood pressure and the cholesterol to a lower level.

3. Cancer treatment:

Pomegranates contains polyphenol antioxidants, which does not let cancer cells grow. According to a study, the fruit can cure many types of cancers, including skin cancer, lung cancer and even breast cancer.

4. Digestion of food:

Indigestion is a common problem around the world. People often eat such foods that are difficult to be digested. Pomegranates are best in digesting food as it provides the body with fibre. It is said that about 45% of a person’s daily required fibre intake, can be fulfilled by eating a pomegranate.

5. Immune system:

Immune system can be strengthened by eating pomegranates. The anti- inflammatory characteristics of the fruit make it boost the immune system. It also has vitamin C, that creates antibodies in the human body, thus making it stronger to fight against illnesses.

6. Anti-ageing effects:

The polyphenolic elements present in pomegranates reduces the facial damage that comes with age. It makes the skin look fresh and young.

7. Reduces stress:

Pomegranates not only relax the internal tensions of the body, but also reduce stress levels. A study was carried out by the Queen Margaret university, where some people were given pomegranate juice and some were not. The test result concluded that all those who drank the juice were in a good mood and had lower stress levels as compared to others.

8. Alzheimer’s treatment:

It is suggested by many analysts that pomegranates must be a regular part of the diet of Alzheimer’s patients. They believe in the study by Hartman, which claims that pomegranate juice limits the amyloids amassing near the hippocampus part of the brain by almost 50%. This is said to help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s is pomegranate health benefits

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