Have you been wondering if you should opt for a gluten-free diet? Here are a few reasons why you definitely should!

Why Gluten Is Bad For You

Gluten is a blend of two proteins present in cereal grains, barley and wheat. It has glue-like properties (hence the name!) and is responsible for the elastic texture of dough. It is present in most of the food we intake, but it has some serious adverse effects on health that we must familiarize ourselves with.

Over the past few years, the awareness of negative effects of the gluten has increased to a great extent. A survey conducted in United States in the 2013 suggested that one-third of Americans want to eliminate gluten entirely from their diet.

Celiac Disease

The protein is responsible for various diseases in humans. One of the most common disease associated with it is called the Celiac disease. Recently, it has been on the rise in the US, with the biggest problem being that the patients usually remain undiagnosed. When the gluten reaches your digestive system, it makes it believe that it is coming from some sort of bacteria, leading the immune system to attach against it. In Celiac disease, the immune system does not just attack the protein but it also attacks the enzymes present in the digestive system.

Gluten consumption can have several other serious consequences, one being gluten intolerance – which is far more prevalent than Celiac. The symptoms of the disorder are stomach pain, diarrhea, fatigue and pain in joints and bones. Again, the biggest problem associated with gluten intolerance is that it usually does not diagnosed and can be very frustrating for the sufferer.

Bowel Problems

A study was conducted to find out the negative effects in detail. 34 people with Bowel Syndrome were given gluten-rich diets, while some were given gluten-free diets. It was found out that the people who were given food containing gluten suffered from pain, bloating and more stool inconsistency than the control group.

Mental Disorders

Gluten is bad for you, this is not it. Even some brain disorders are associated with gluten! Many neurological disorders are caused by it, one being the Gluten-Sensitive Idiopathic Neuropathy. The most common and severe brain disorder that is partly caused by it is called Cerebellar Ataxia, which causes motor problems, like the inability to move properly or to coordinate balance. Another is Gluten Ataxia, that causes damage to the cerebellum, the most important of the brain in motor control.

Why Gluten Is Bad

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Other studies involving removing the protein from diet saw positive results on severe brain disorders like Schizophrenia, Autism and Epilepsy.

So yes, Gluten is bad for you, when we say you need to start finding alternatives and make sure you cut down on gluten in your diet, we make sure it is backed by scientific evidence. Take a step and start eating healthier today!