Study Reveals, Coffee Uplifts Athletic Performance

The University of Georgia had funded a study that displays the benefits of coffee on a person’s life. It reveals how the people who regularly drink coffee are more active as compared to others. Their morning cuppa, provides them with enough caffeine to carry out their daily workout effectively. The study reveals, coffee is natural energy drink.

Everyday millions of people drink coffee all over the world to keep themselves energetic. The intake of caffeine from a cup of coffee has become like their basic need. All those Coffee lovers now have an amazing news! They can proudly say that their cup of coffee has helped them in their athletic activities.

Image: Corbis
Image: Corbis

The analyst Simon Higgins claimed that, “ Coffee is a very helpful agent in ameliorating the sporting performance. They have same tolerance levels that people achieve from taking the caffeine tablets.” He reached this conclusion after researching over 600 articles. He has compared group of people who had been drinking coffee and who had not. He has also observed the bearing levels of caffeine in-takers.

He added that, caffeine has been the main source of boosting the endurance levels in a human body. He had conducted 9 different surveys, about 24% level of tolerance is increased by the use of coffee, in 3 to 7 milligrams per kilogram of a person’s body weight. It all depends on how strong the coffee is made. Around 75 to 150 milligrams of caffeine, can be found in one cup of coffee.

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In the tests carried out during the survey, some people were given coffee and some were not. They then were asked to workout and their performance was recorded. All those who drank coffee had more endurance and were performing better than the ones who didn’t drink coffee. It was therefore concluded that caffeine improves the physical performance in the body. It is still required that further investigations are carried out on the caffeine level in coffee.

It is known that pure caffeine has many benefits but to know the advantages of caffeine in coffee, that needs more research. People think that coffee does not have enough health benefits. It is said that a person must drink coffee an hour before they go for a workout. It can boost their performance during the exercise. It was also revealed that people who drank coffee before a work out session, experienced less muscular pain.

Image: Google
Image: Google

Drinking coffee before workout also aids in burning fat. The amount of caffeine in black coffee increases the metabolic activity of the stomach, thus, helping in burning calories all day long, just like any other natural energy drink. There are many such components in the coffee along with caffeine, which do not make people hungry. Eating less will ultimately lead to losing weight.

Coffee also aids in improving mental strength. People are well focused and perform their daily errands in a more organized way. It is also useful in avoiding diseases such as diabetes, cancer and even Alzheimer’s, as it has such elements which do not let the cells and tissues in the body get damaged.

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