The Little Known Weight Loss Secrets

The little known weight loss secrets or fat loss secrets, without becoming a slave to diet plans or a specific diet regime throughout your life, is possible only if you make friends with carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates (comprising 40%-45% of your diet) work together with other sources of nutrition, which are proteins and fats (comprising 55%-60% of your diet), to shed extra fats from the body.

This is considered as ‘nutritious eating’. Only nutritious eating and regular intensive work out of 45 to 60 minutes can help you lose fats in a sustainable manner. The whole commentary on the advantages of carbohydrates will be futile, if some of the cardinal principles about carbohydrate intake are not followed, especially for a person who is trying to maintain weight/ lose fats should consider these weight loss secrets.

Weight Loss Secrets: Glycemic Index (GI)

For weight loss, the glycemic index of carbohydrates is of vital significance. Those carbohydrates which produce high spikes of sugar in blood are high GI carbohydrates; stay away from such carbohydrates (like refined sugars, processed grains and fruits like mangoes and vegetables like sweet potato). For fat loss, low GI carbohydrates are preferable.

The advantage of low GI food is that such a food releases sugar slowly throughout the long hours and keep our blood sugar at a certain level where we feel active enough to do daily chores and exercise. This blood sugar maintenance aids in fat loss and regulates moods, alertness and satiety.

The low GI (of value 1 to 55) also controls the release of insulin. This insulin release in blood is of prime importance as insulin controls the blood sugar levels and at the same time this insulin inhibits fat metabolism. When body is exposed to high GI carbohydrates (of value 70 and above); they cause a release of high quantity of insulin abruptly and drop the blood sugar levels resulting in sudden hypo-glycemia (low blood sugar). This low sugar level in blood triggers the appetite center in the brain so the body starts to crave for food especially carbohydrates.

This is the reason why we binge eat (emotional eating) and crave for very sweet food in times of stress or hypoglycemia, however, this does not at all mean that the body is deficient in stores of energy.

Example: If you ate egg-plant/raw carrots up to a level that you gained 50 grams of carbohydrates out of it, knowing its GI which is 15 and 16 respectively, your blood sugar will rise by 15% and 16% respectively, the amount of blood sugar you will have after 50 gm of pure glucose intake. This will help you control the blood sugar spikes and you can maintain a smooth fat metabolism.

One draw-back of GI is that you cannot determine the exact fat content of food so you have to be careful about it. Like, if you take 250 ml of whole milk, the GI would be only 31 but at the same time, the high fat content of whole milk will be a bad choice for a person intending to lose weight. In such a case, you must be fully aware of the nutritional breakdown of food you are taking if you want to lose fats.

How Low Gi& Moderate Gi Carbohydrates Help In Losing Fats

Carbohydrates provide glucose, which is stored in the muscles in the form of glycogen. Thebody uses a specific set of glycogen, fats and some protein during exercise. The pivotal point is, muscles only use glycogen as a form of energy. During exercise, lasting for 45- 60 minutes, when glycogen in the muscles gets all used up, then body the will start breaking down the muscles’ proteins.

As long as glycogen is being utilized by the muscles, fat metabolism stays in the process but as soon as muscle protein metabolism starts rolling up- the fat metabolism stops. Loss of protein from the body is also not good because it will decrease the overall resting metabolism of the body and body will stop losing weight when in a resting state.

The intensity of fat loss decreases as the intensity of exercise increases due to the diminishing glycogen stores in muscles. The main motive of exercise is, to lose fats and raise resting metabolism of the body. It diminishes when we eliminate carbohydrates from our diet.

Timings Of Carbohydrates Intake

Timings are important. Try planning your workout regime before you take your regular meal. Logic behind it is, carbohydrates from our diet are stored in the form of glycogen in the muscles for 2 hours after the exercise and the only form of energy muscles store to utilize is glycogen. 2 hours after the exercise, energy from carbohydrates will be stored in the form of fats. So in order to replenish the stores of energy in your muscles you must try your level best to store glycogen.

  • Eat healthy but do not eat after 7 p.m.
  • Do not take carbohydrates and high calorie drinks.
  • Do not eat refined carbohydrates and ‘bad fats’.
  • Eat in small portions after every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Do not starve yourself, otherwise, you will crash your metabolism and also because your body will start its defense mechanism of saving fats due to starvation.

Befriend Carbohydrates To Lose Fats

Low GI carbohydrates (complex) along with other sources of energy and exercise will help you lose fats. Basically losing weight is not important, but losing fats is healthy as well as important. Keep reminding yourself that fat loss is a long term process but once you lose fats through healthy eating and exercise, it will be sustainable. Losing weight (fats) through healthy eating is a slow and a nerve testing process but is the only step towards a healthy life style.

In The End, I Have Good News For You

If you are able to lose fats through a nutritious diet which has 40-45% low GI (complex) carbohydrates in it along with other sources (a mix of protein and good fat) and are able to maintain the lost weight for 6 months; there are few chances that you will regain it. So enjoy the flavor of your foods, work hard on your workout and spend the day full of energy. Always Consider these little known weight loss secrets and go live your life now !

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  1. Hemlock says

    Excellent Research Work Dr Aegel!! Most of the web sites are publishing bullshit regarding weight loss issue. Highly agree with your point, metabolism and Carbs intake timing is the key. Of course the foundation for successful weight loss is eating well and exercising, but we usually ignore important things like metabolism and blood sugar level.

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