Want To Lose Extra Pounds? Carbohydrates Are Not Your Enemy!

Want To Lose Extra Pounds? Carbohydrates Are Not Your Enemy!

Carbs to lose weight

The world of junk food has made people climb up the stairs of obesity so fast, that as the ‘junk bubble’ bursts, they get hit by the reality of massive weight gain. This unhealthy way of eating is exacerbated by the peaking stress levels, imbalanced hormones and a sedentary lifestyle. The funny aspect is that as we try unfolding the mystery of weight gain, we get lost in the realm of different ways to get rid of it.

Most of the times, we are under the impression of having a single enemy: The Carbohydrates. I believe, this impression is not only wrong but is also misleading. To defy carbohydrates’ importance in healthy eating (meaning those eating habits that can either help you in losing fats or maintaining weight), different diet plans are being launched in the market, which actually entangle you in a vicious cycle of their dependency till your last breath.

Let Us Define The Enemy!

Those who want to maintain their weight or lose extra pounds, especially more than 200 pounds, in a sustainable manner, are made to follow those ‘diet plans’ which extract carbohydrates from your life. The media campaign has portrayed carbohydrates as such a ‘villainous‐being’ whose only motive in life is to make you FAT. The reality, however, is that the actual enemy is all those food products which make you drift away from eating healthy or those plans that either make you end up as a herbivore or a carnivore.

  • Your enemy is that which makes you lose muscle mass and water content rather than fats stores in the body.
  • Your enemy is that which makes you become dependent on a particular diet regime till your last breath.
  • Your enemy is that which causes rapid but unsustainable weight loss. Carbs is a wonderful source of energy, which when eaten under check and balance combined with other energy sources, not only help you lose/maintain sustainable weight (which is true fat loss) but will also let you survive as an ‘omnivore’ (one who can eat everything).

Why Carbohydrates Are Not Your Enemy If You Want To Lose Extra Pounds?

Carbohydrates show a broad spectrum of effects on the body. Here are a few, lesser known facts about carbohydrates: They are the best fat burners, the most effective source of achieving satiety, exclusive means of obtaining fibres and not to forget, fabulous team workers for fat loss.

Carbohydrates are considered as team players because they allow to other sources of food, like proteins and good fats, a good chunk of room in our diets. The unrefined Carbohydrates like fruits (except mango and dates), vegetables and whole grains must constitute approximately 40% ‐ 45% of our daily food. The remaining 55%‐60% of food should come from proteins like meat, fish etc and good fats like nuts, olive oil etc.

The Mix Of Food Is Essential Because

  • Only this way the process of Fat Metabolism can be activated and sustained. Carbohydrates provide glycogen to the muscles, proteins make muscles and essential fats fasten the process of fat metabolism.
  • Only this healthy mix of all sources of food will help control the sugar levels in blood.
  • Only a balanced food provides you with essential micronutrients, that are absolutely necessary for fat metabolism. These include fatty acids (like omega 3, omega 6 and alpha lipoic acid), vitamins (like vitamin A., vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E) and trace elements (chromium and zinc).

Carbs To Lose Weight: Carbohydrates Help You Lose Fats Not Muscle Mass

  • Unrefined (i.e.COMPLEX) Carbohydrates provide you with glucose that gets stored as Glycogen in the muscles. While doing cardio exercises, weight trainings, sports or intensive workout regimes lasting 45‐ 60 minutes (which is an essential duration for fat loss), it will allow you to only lose glycogen stored in muscles thereby preserving the muscle mass itself which is protein in nature. Just a reminder! Glycogen Metabolism automatically fastens fat loss in the body.
  • As a matter of fact, when you are on low Carbohydrate or Carbohydrate‐free diet, you end up losing protein (muscle mass) during physical exertion in order to sustain energy production. When Glycogen is no longer available to keep up the vigorous muscle activity, proteins are broken down as an instant source of energy instead of fat. Losing muscle mass will, in turn, contribute to the lowering of basal Metabolic rate. Thus, within a few weeks, there will come a point where your Metabolism crashes down and the body stops losing weight.


Eat healthy carbs to lose weight, they provide you with fibre. Unrefined carbohydrates namely whole grains, oat, Barley, brown, rice, fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of dietary fibre. Dietary fibre has many advantages like.

  • They help your stomach remain satisfied, saving you from feeling starved and falling prey to vicious cycles of binge eating.
  • Fruits, vegetables and whole grains offer different tastes of life for you to enjoy, automatically elevating your mood.
  • Dietary fibre helps in keeping your cholesterol levels under control.

Satiety: The low Glycemic Index (GI) Carbohydrates help maintain the blood sugar levels and prevent sugar spikes in blood. These sugar spikes usually are a result of eating refined carbohydrates and food with high Glycemic Index (GI). This stimulates the release of insulin which causes hypoglycemia in the body. The dip in blood sugar level sends signals to the appetite center in the brain; making your body crave for very sweet foods. This is the reason why we end up devouring highly sweet food in case of low blood sugar or high stress levels. Thus, the naturally low GI carbohydrates not only keep us satisfied but also protect us from binge eating.

Natural fat burning carbohydrates include green banana that should be eaten right before an intensive exercise of 45‐ 60 min, oatmeal, barley, bran, whole wheat, cooked Plantains, white beans and white grains (garbanzo beans).

Carbs To Lose Weight: Get Friendly With Carbs

A lot of aforementioned reasons explain why Carbohydrates are your friends during the journey of weight loss, but let me concisely list them again.

  • Only a Carbohydrate (Low GI, complex) containing diet (diet should contain proteins and essential fatty acids too) can help you lose weight through induction of fat metabolism. This is not possible with other diets especially if you exclude carbohydrates from your daily routine.
  • The fat loss through a balanced diet is by all means sustainable.
  • If Carbohydrates are a part of your food, you will never become dependent on a specific diet, thus allowing you to eat a whole lot of things ranging from fruits, vegetable, grains, legumes, meat and nuts.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle adorned with nutritious eating habits and regular intensive exercise regime to lose extra pounds. Life seems worth living for when you free yourself from the limits defined by a ‘diet plan’. Humans are born omnivores, live like one.

  1. Jimmykahn says

    ‘Food is your foundation, and fitness is the accessory” I like this statement. The article I believe has rightly pointed out that you dont need to starve yourself to lose weight/fat. It is a common myth that dieting or losing weight means keeping away from carbs. That is so not true.

  2. Jimmykahn says

    In the modern culture of slim being desirable and crash diets carbs have been propagated to be the enemy.When in fact Carbs are an essential thing for a healthy food intake. Unfortunately and dangerously modern diet plans work at deleting carbs from your life which leads to muscle mass but not fat loss. Most people believe these diets without appreciating the fact that they are the richest source of fibers and are in fact essential for fat burning.

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