8 Effective Ways To Cure Constipation In No Time.

It is a right time to open up about your “potty problems”.

It is a stigma around us that, potty problems and sex life is formidable to discuss. People, normally hesitate to discuss if they haven’t popped for like a week, even kids don’t disclose their potty problems to their mothers in front of others! (pun intended)

Don’t burden yourself, guys!

If you are not comfortable telling your partner about your bowel movements, at least entrust your doctor with this secret. And if you can’t, try treat your constipation yourself.

Constipation is not a serious illness but it may become one, if you ignore it. Mostly, people at their 50’s and 60’s experience it the most, however, people of all age groups are vulnerable to it at any point in their lives. Mainly, children at their teething, women after pregnancy and older adults who take multiple medicines on daily basis, develop it.

But worry not, there are few scientifically backed up remedies that can up you poop normal.

  • Eat Fiber-Rich Food To Have A Normal Poop

It is no wonder that fiber- rich foods are your best friends. The ultimate trait of fiber is its ability to stay undigested inside the body and absorbs water from its surroundings and aids the stool by softening it and then let it pass easily. Foods rich in fiber content are: bran, cereals, fruits, uncooked vegetables, beans, broccoli, whole grain bread, nuts mainly prunes because they are rich in fiber as well sorbitol- a natural laxative etc. Eat strawberries, they contain about 2 gram of fiber content and is highly useful against constipation and other intestinal complications.

  • Drink Plenty Of Water

Constipation occurs in result to dehydration in the body. More importantly, drink plenty of water if your fiber intake is high, it will help relief constipation. Water works in softening the bowel and then release it. So, drink as much water as your body demands. Don’t over-do it which is harmful as well. Intake of warm water right after you wake up improves bowel movement, relief constipation and also improve blood circulation.

  • Olive Oil- Can Slip It Out

Olive oil has a laxative quality that softens the hard bowel and let it pass out easily. Olive oil consists of mono-saturated fats, are beneficial for human body. Olive oil not only relieve constipation but also play a massive role in keeping body healthy and avoid cardiac conditions. Add a few drops of olive oil in your diet every day, who knows they can make wonders.

  • Exercise Everyday

Simply moving can make wonders. A run for 15 to 30 minutes, every morning, keeps body and mind healthy and active. People who are daily walkers complain less about health conditions like constipation, arthritis, knee pain and others. So, if you are couch potato and experience constipation, your prolonged sitting can be a cause.

  • Ispaghula Husk

Ispaghula Husk is a fiber rich remedy for constipation. Its intake in warm milk or in water can give you relief from constipation. The fiber content in it softens the stool and increase in bulk which exerts more pressure and helps in release

  • Glycerin Suppositories

Glycerin suppositories are mainly for those who experience severe constipation or people who are genetically inherited. It is a solid medical preparation in a conical shaped object, designed to be inserted in the body through rectum or vagina. It gets dissolve inside the rectum and loosen the hard bowel and help release it.

  • Coffee Is Your Friend

Coffee can help your relief constipation. It not just wakes you up but also boosts your metabolism. It acts as a stimulant and causes bowel movements, but it can be troublesome if excessively taken. In that case, it acts as a diuretic and cause uncontrollable urination. However, a dose in balance can help free from constipation. Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the United States after water and plays a risk in reducing risks of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and other type of cancer.

  • Add Bacteria To Your Life

Although our terms with these little creatures are not good, both of us are still favoring each other in multiple ways. Our gut flora is mainly comprised of good bacteria which enhances our metabolism and improves digestion. Similarly, foods that contain good bacteria such as yogurt, cheese, milk etc. are good to eat during constipation. They flourish our gut environment and improves the slow bowel movements. Greek yogurt is the best option to eat in breakfast, it is highly rich in calcium, proteins and probiotics. It improves bowel movement, reduces blood glucose levels and improves digestion.

How many times you poop varies, depending upon the metabolism, age and diet intake of a person. No worries if you poop once a day and your partner, twice. It is pretty normal.

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