Your Wanderlust Is The Cause Of Antibiotic Resistance

Does your wanderlust never let you stay put in your native land?  If you find pleasure in spending money flying from one continent to another then STOP!Your Wanderlust Is The Cause Of Antibiotic Resistance

Don’t use all your money in travelling as you might need some for your trip to the hospital.

That escalated really quickly, you might think.

A team of scientists at the Maastricht University Medical Centre in the Netherlands have made a striking revelation.

Following a group of Dutch travellers to places like China, South Korea, Canada, India and the Philippines, the experts found out that travelling changes the bacterial composition of digestive tract.

As your environment and mood change in a new setting, your gut bacteria change as well.

Stool samples from the travellers revealed that the genetic makeup of gut bacteria alters during travelling.  The findings of this study were also presented at a conference held by the American Society for Microbiology.

These gut bacteria changed the genetic information to adopt the local bacteria which rendered them resistant.

This change in the bacterial composition can develop only within two days and can cause antibiotic resistance against drugs that help fight off bacterial infections.

The change in bacterial genome caused by travelling particularly led to drug resistance against ‘quinolone’ and last resort antibiotic known as ‘colistin’.  The genetic aberration at qnrB and MCR-1 caused the respective occurrence of drug resistance.

The experts also found that the altered bacterial colonies in the gut stayed in the system for over a month. And this time is sufficient for bacteria to multiple and cause harm.

Antimicrobial resistance is a global issue which keeps the experts on their toes to find solution to the problem.

In September last year, this very issue became the discussion topic for world leaders at the UN General Assembly.

So before you think of travelling, do consider the threat of bacterial invasion.

But don’t be too paranoid and look at the silver lining. At least, the gut bacteria are not restricted by geographical boundaries like us!

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