Heart Attack

As they say ‘quality is not an actbut a habit.’  The aim of this article is to list down 7 bad social habits that can possibly lead to heart attack.


Procrastination has become a curse for generation Y, however the generation X is found to be suffering from this disease too. According to Steele (2007) published in Psychological bulletin 20%-25% of the American population is already under the attack of this endemic and 80% college students are procrastinators. This habit not only has mental, social and physical drawbacks but can lead to many medical problems; heart attack being one of them. Distractions like gadgets, TV and over commitment usually cause people to procrastinate, while internal reasons like fear of failure and lack of confidence can also cause heart attack. According to Journal of American Association, due to sedentary lifestyle, risks of heart attack are 30% more than a normal person and in cases of obesity, smoking and high cholesterol the risk of heart attack is increased manifolds.

Notefor procrastinators –especiallycouch potatoes and sedentary lifestyle leaders- do not try to exercise hard on the first few months of your regular active style because it will put pressure on your heart and may lead to heart attack. Exercise regimes should be followed in gradual manner: from low intensity to high intensity with the passage of time.

Unchecked Stress And Depression

Most of you may laugh at this point because it is not possible to avoid stress in this competitive life. I admit it’s true but taking unchecked stress for a longer period of time can be hurtful for your heart in the worst way possible. Stress is one of the biggest reasonsfor heart attack because it decreases blood supply to heart resulting into arrhythmias and blood clotting. Australian researchers have concluded that depression and asocial lifestyle are linked to heart diseases. Stress cycles can be checked or minimized by adopting positive and active lifestyle.
Exercises like yoga, aerobics, sports; social gatherings like charity camps, volunteering in orphanages or old homes or any action of generosity; adoption of hobbies like gardening, painting, adopting a pet, etc, are all the ways to escape from the continuous cycle of stress.

Weekend Warrior Syndrome

Weekend warrior is a person who lets the week pass by, without much activity, due to commitments but is ready for sports on weekend. This is very dangerous for your heart, reason being the extra pressure you are exerting onit. Sports like basketball, baseball etc include almost 60 min of high intensity training bouts, and for an inactive person this sudden high intensity exercises may become a reason of plaque formation in blood vessels while the sudden extra pressure can lead to heart attack.

During the Weekends: be regular with 20 min whole body stretches or walk, jog 3 to 4 times a week for 30 min and try to adopt an active lifestyle so that you can enjoy sports on weekends.

Undue Muscle Obsession

Unfortunately most of the men and some women are suffering from muscle obsession. Instead of going for more lapses with lighter weights they prefer heavy weights with fewer lapses. This exerts pressure on the heart and as a result this imbalanced weight training can ultimately lead to serious heart conditions. Cardio vascular advantages cannot be achieved only by muscle training. Muscle obsession will ultimately lead to heart attack.

Muscle training, along with cardio exercises,is recommended for a balanced approach and lifelong exercise program because intensity, duration and the type of exercise are essential elements of the exercise program.

Smoking And Alcoholism

Literature is overflowing with the negative effects of smoking and alcoholism, but still for a reminder, these habits will definitely lead to heart diseases and heart attack. Smoking causes decreased supply to the heart and weakens the heart while alcohol increases triglycerides in the blood that can lead to heart failure. Whether you are an active smoker or a passive one, you are at a risk of heart diseases in either case.

If you cannot quit smoking, at least, slow down the rate at which you are burning your health to ashes. For alcohol drinkers, do not, exceed the safe limits of alcohol intake.

Bad Dietary Habits

Bad dietary habits include two types of behaviors: emotional eating and empty calorie consumption.

Emotional eating is connected to binge eating or over eating while empty calorie consumers include consumers of oily foods, junk food and fibreless food. Both habits increase cholesterol levels in the blood leading to obesity, high blood pressure and heart attack.

Emotional eaters should train their minds to divert the urge of eating food or desserts to healthy eating like if you have an urge to eat something sweet, take a fruit rather than a brownie. Add fiber in your food as it decreases the cholesterol levels from blood. And if you feel like binging take water or tea and then eat few bites of food. Divide your meals in to small chunks 5 to 6 times a day rather than eating once or twice in large amounts.

Health Dawdlers

Health Dawdlers are the ones who delay going to the doctor while ignoring the symptoms or they are irregular/careless in their medicine intake. Few think that they can never contact a particular disease. This pattern of health procrastination is completely wrong and such dawdlers are the ones who are at the greatest risk of heart attack. Reason being, risk factors, symptom appearances or preventive measures are nothing than a rhetoric for them.

Prevention is better than cure; visit your doctor as soon as you think there is a health problem.