Owning a pet can be stressful, time consuming and expensive! It’s exactly like dealing with a child – you have to feed it, clean it, pet it, make sure it gets its medicines on time, the whole works! But most importantly, its safety and comfort are essential. After all, it’s an adorable little friend who relies on you for almost everything.

5 Things Every Indoor Pet Owner Must Know

Keeping a pet indoor can be catastrophic, especially if you don’t have the basics down. With all the attractive furniture, dangerous and noisy equipment, strangers coming around every now and then, and potentially dangerous chemicals stashed in disorganized cupboards, keeping your pet safe can be a real stressor.

Here are some quick and easy tips to keep your pets safe, and for you and them to happily co-exist in your humble abode.

Provide Easy Exists– If You Got Indoor Pet

Obviously, cats and dogs need some me-time, when they go outside for a bit to clear their heads, and their bowels! Make sure you provide such an exit door or safe room where they can go without harming themselves or bothering you. It’ll also help take their edge off and they’ll return relaxed. However, these exist must be provided at fixed times – don’t give your pet the opportunity to bolt out every opportunity it gets!

Initiate Spy-Mode

Indoor pets are adorable and naïve, which makes them perfectly susceptible to accidents and thefts. Ensure proper tagging and consider installing a microchip in their collar or fur – just to be sure.

Always Have Back-up And Alternate Arrangements

You might decide to paint your house, or need a detoxification of some sort. Dogs in particular do not like loud noises or strangers in the house, and could be traumatized by such an event. Whatever the case, you must have an alternate place where your pet can stay the evening, or even the night. Always have a back-up sitter, daycare or friend’s place lined up where you can leave your pet in case your house needs to be boarded.

Establish A Safe Zone

Even when you’re home, don’t let your pet roam about freely. There are many things which can be dangerous for its health, and hiding every sharp object and chemical isn’t a practical approach. Set up a safe zone, where they can play and roam about freely and unsupervised.

Stick To A Routine

Following a routine helps keep your pet diligent and sharp. Maintain timings for meals, walks, baths, and naps. These aspects are especially important to ease tension and improve cognitive and physical health. Moreover, a well-trained pet means lesser hassle for you!