Perfect Body Is The One You Feel Good In: Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls — powered by Jennipher Walters, Erin Whitehead and Kristen Seymour — offers ‘fresh fitness content for real women (and even the guys) interested in improving their health and their lives through physical activity and healthy eating, minus the deprivation’.

The blog offers tips, workouts, reviews, personal accounts of their exercise endeavors, tidbits on healthy food, workout music suggestions and fitness humor for a perfect body. The FBGs pride themselves on their honest reviews, their inclusive and fun-loving attitude, and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

Health Units recently had a chance to sit with them for an interview. Here are some excerpts from the discussions we had with them:

Health Units: Tell us about yourself?

Fit Bottomed Girls: I’m the CEO and co-founder of Fit Bottomed Girls, which has three sites:, and Plus, I’m the co-author of the Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet!

HU: What Motivated You To Start This Project?

FBGs: We have a really strong mission. And that came about from our own struggles with positive body image and dieting in our high school and college days. Before FBG began in 2008, it took me years to realize that dieting and obsessive counting calories and weighing myself was beating down my self-confidence.

I finally broke the cycle, took back my power, started listening to my body and was so changed by the experience that we decided to create a website to show women how to live a healthy lifestyle that’s fun — and not torturous. FBG was born! Positive body image is so commonplace now, which is awesome, but back in 2008, we were one of the few major voices out there saying, hey, you don’t have to diet to have self-worth.

Fit Bottomed Girls gym for perfect body

HU: How Do You Find Yourself Different From Other Trainers?

FBGs: I focus A LOT on the mental side of things. And I’m not about telling people what to do. Instead, I help others to create healthy habits that work for them — little bit by little bit. It takes longer to see results, but they’re the results that last for life.

HU: If You Had To Describe Your Take On A Fit Body In One Sentence, What Would It Be?

FBGs: Fit bodies (and bottoms!) come in all shapes and sizes.

HU: What Kind Of Training Most People Ask Your Guidance On?

FBGs: It’s mostly weight-loss but also a lot on how to build confidence.

HU: There Is A Perception That A well Sculpted Body Is A Healthy Body – Aside From The Media Repercussions Of Unachievable beauty Standards – What Do You Think Is A Perfect Body, And How, Or If, The Media Is Wrong In Projecting This Image Of A Perfect body?

FBGs: Good question! I wrote an entire post on this for the Huffington Post, in fact! In a nutshell though, I believe the “perfect body” is the one that the individual feels good in — confident, energized and able to do what they want to do. That doesn’t look the same on everyone. And that’s what makes the world awesome.

Fit Bottomed Girls jogging for perfect body

HU: What We Understand From Your Books And Website Is That For You Fitness Isn’t Just Limited To Body Only, It Is A Lot More Than That: It Is A Life Changing Philosophy And Encompasses Every Aspect Of One’s Life. Could You Please Explain That For Us?

FBGs: For sure! We seem to compartmentalize “nutrition and fitness” as this separate thing. But being healthy should be in every facet of your life, and it all starts in you head. Think positive thoughts, know and believe that you’re worth taking care of and being healthy, and then start to act from that place. When you’re in the right headspace, you naturally make choices that make you feel good for the long run and show yourself love.

HU: What About Your New Project, Fit Bottomed Zen?

FBGs: I am so excited to say that we launched a more mind/body-focused site in April! It is called Fit Bottomed Zen, and we couldn’t be more jazzed.

Ed: Listen to this interview of Jennipher in which she explains how mindfulness helped her find a healthier way to be fit and happy.

HU: What Would You Say Is The Best Piece Of Advice To Our Readers Who Want To Bring A Change In Their Lives?

FBGs: Ditch the all-or-nothing approach. Do something, anything today. Starting is the hardest part, so start small, keep at it, forget about being perfect and celebrate all of your successes. You can do it!

Fit Bottomed Girls on the treadmill for perfect body

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