11 Times When You Try And Fail To Ignore Stress

Do you find yourself panting from mental exhaustion every day?  Is life becoming a constant struggle to stay motivated?

What your spouse/friend/boss said in their last tirade really did hurt didn’t it and it keeps coming back, doesn’t it?

Not to worry.

After you read this article, there is 387% chance that you will find Nirvana.

That percentage was totally made up,  but still, the list below will help you get in sync with what your body is trying to tell you .

Stress: What’s The Science Behind?

Stress is your body’s coping mechanism against situations that could harm you physically or emotionally. Adrenal gland in the brain releases cortisol, a steroid hormone, in response to a stressful situation. It prepares you for a ‘fight or flight’ situation.

However, there is a problem.

Once cortisol enters the blood stream, the only way to reduce its elevated level is through strenuous exercise otherwise it stays in the body and causes a number of symptoms to appear.

These symptoms are your body trying to communicate with you.

Listen to it!

Let’s look at some telltale signs that will help you recognize the stress your body is feeling.

1.When It is Hard To Focus

When an incident is stuck in your head like a thorn, it becomes hard to concentrate on anything else, no matter how hard you try.

Studies have linked increased cortisol levels with shrinkage of brain’s memory center, hippocampus.

So much so, cortisol also hampers neurogenesis, the production and proliferation of brain cells.

Nasty stuff, no?

There is more.

Cortisol and persistent stress is also a leading cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

So pay attention the next time your brain refuses to pay attention. Take a deep breath, deal with the issue your brain is facing, and let it all out with a deep breath, or a whiff of smoke.

Just kidding.

2.When You Are Always Tired

Stress causes muscle tension.  If you are lucky, you must remember the time someone gave you a back rub and you must remember how good it felt!

That’s because the muscles in the neck and the shoulders are the first to suffer. Additionally, stiffness in muscles is also often a symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Meditate, read, sit back and take time out for yourself. Go for a run. Watch a rom com.

Try yoga. Do something, anything, but don’t let stress get the better of you.



3.When Peaceful Sleep Evades

Stress hates peaceful sleep. And it will make you hate everything around you as well.

According to research, waking up from sleep and worrying about insignificant minutia, like a deadline that is a month away, or a task that you have completed but you feel the impulse to keep redoing it in your head in a million different ways in order to improve it, all indicate stress.

Peaceful sleep at the end of the day helps to restore and refresh the brain for the next day. When stress prevents that, it adds to physical fatigue, which causes more stress.



Perfect catch 22.

You can break this cycle by exerting yourself physically. Get out of your comfort zone and do a 100 sit ups. That will help you sleep better.

Remember, if you don’t reset your sleep cycle, it could lead to depression. And nobody wants to go there.

4.When You Are Always Sick

A stressed person often feels worn-out and perpetually tired.

However, the misery doesn’t end here.

If you are stressed out, the hormonal imbalance will also mess with your body’s immune system. Translation: You will fall sick more often because your body will not be able to defend itself. Stress also slows down the healing process.

Don’t put yourself through this.

Who cares if your plans didn’t fall through? Or if you didn’t get what you want? Of if your friend ditched you?

I am sure you do.

But only think about these things as long as the thoughts stay productive. Don’t

When The Morning Headache JUST WON’T GO AWAY:

If you notice that despite sleeping properly you wake up every morning with a headache,  it could indicate a serious problem.

Doctors say that if a headache hampers every day functioning and causes you to wake up from sleep, it could be associated with a serious medical condition

No. Do not pop another Tylenol and think that you have done your part.



Deal with the problem you are facing and don’t try to escape from it. There is no need to win all the time, or to have your way in everything. It is alright to suck at stuff.

Accept yourself as you are and don’t try to become a square peg that is trying to fit in a round hole.

5.When Your Hair Takes A Turn For The Worse

Do your ears have more hair than your head?

Are you waking up to more than a couple of hair strands on your pillow? This may be more than a seasonal hair fall. Doctors say  stress can lead to autoimmune skin diseases which make the immune system attack the hair follicles, causing hair loss.

Don’t worry. This condition is temporary and it subsides with stress.  However, doctors recommend scalp steroid injections to improve hair health.

6.When Sex Is Not The Same As Before

Stress kills sex.

In men, stress can lead to problems with sexual arousal and erectile dysfunction. It can also lead to reduced sperm production and subsequently, infertility.

Yes, we know, Viagra does do the job, but is it really what you need?

Why not seek a permanent cure for this problem?



7.When Periods Become Irregular

Stress also has problems with the female sex hormone.  It can cause irregular menstrual cycle or no menstruation. Others may experience a heavier period accompanied by aggravated period cramps and pain. Making use of relaxation therapy and yoga can help women revert back to normal menstruation cycle and reduced period pain.



8.When You Develop Urinary Tract Infections

Stress can make you forget to pee.

This can cause an infection in the urinary tract. Don’t forget to go to the washroom or you will have to visit the doctor for antibiotics.

9.When Your Gums Bleed And Mouth Aches

High stress levels can often invite periodontal diseases. As disrupted cortisol levels weaken the immune system, bacterial infections in the gums can often add to your troubles.  To prevent bleeding gums, dentists suggest people to brush their teeth more often to minimize the risk of bacterial invasion. Stress also leads to tooth-grinding in sleep, leading to a sore jaw.



10.When Your Dreams Make No Sense At All

A troubled mind often has distorted cognition leading to disturbed night-time sleep. Psychologists suggest that a stressed person often wake up in middle of the sleep which disrupts the sleeping pattern altogether. A distorted sleeping pattern increases a person’s likelihood of experiencing recurring unpleasant imagery all night long.

11.When Acne Shows Up

Stress often brings acne as an uninvited guest..

According to dermatologists, stress increases inflammation which makes acne sprout. To help reduce this sudden acne eruption, skin lotions containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide which is effective against bacterial invasion, can be of help. Acne can also come and say hi if you are going through puberty.



 When You Have An Itchy Skin Without A Mosquito Stink:

A chronic itchy skin is a result of increased stress levels. Stress activates nerve fibers to cause an itchy sensation, whereas anxiety and tension can also cause eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

When You Have A Troubled Immune System Leading To Allergies:

Disrupted immune system makes a person prone to infections. In addition to this, researchers from Ohio State University in 2008 found out that increased cortisol levels increase the produce of immunoglobulin E (IgE) that increases a person’s sensitivity to allergies.

 When You Have Aggravated Stomach Aches And Ulcers:

Increased cortisol levels trigger a rush in other hormones which lead to rapid breathing and increased heart rate.

All of this effects the digestive system. As a result, stomach aches, heartburn, nausea or acid reflux have become very common. Although, stress does not induce ulcer formations, stress is likely to make existing ulcers get worse.

It can also cause diarrhea or constipation

If you notice any or all the signs mentioned above, please pay heed and listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

Remember, no medical procedure can give you your own body back. Love it, cherish it, and keep it safe from stress.

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