Jealousy Can Make You Buy Sparkly Things

Nothing like buying a pair of sparkling stilettos to make all your worries go away!

Retail therapy, or shopping, cures many diseases. It’s therapeutic and works like magic. Unsurprisingly, shopping is the most profitable business in the world. In 2016 alone, Americans shelled out $327 billion in shopping alone.

The road to bankruptcy is paved with good deals, fo sho.

Retail therapy works extraordinarily well for women. But why does it?

As surprising as it sounds, a new study has linked shopping with jealousy. A study conducted by Xun (Irene) Huang, PhD from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore claims that when we are jealous of someone special, be it our partner or a competitor, we tend to purchase eye-catching things to grab their attention.

Pause. Think of all the times you took shopping too far.

Did you really shop for yourself or was it to impress someone else?

Are you sure you weren’t trying to suppress the feeling of jealousy in your heart?

Was it your love for branded clothes, vintage watches, and gorgeous stilettos or was it hate?

To build support for their hypothesis, the team conducted a series of five experiments to observe the purchasing patterns of people who were experiencing jealousy in comparison with the control group.

People who were experiencing jealously went on to purchase vibrantly-colored lamps for their office or wore sparkly clothes or clumsy sunglasses to a formal party.

Jealousy is  stronger than embarrassment. In the study, the urge to grab attention of the “special someone” was so strong that the participants even took the chance of being mocked at.

While experts are still trying to evaluate gender-based prevalence of sexual and emotional jealousy, we can safely agree that consumer psychology, buying patterns and emotions are closely knitted.

So whenever you go out to shop for fancy things, stop and be sure of your motives.

Let’s not let jealousy get the better of our bank accounts.

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