Women Are Genetically Wired To Have Multiple Love Affairs

Checking your husband’s cell phone and emails, smelling his clothes and spying on him is no longer okay ladies!

The tables have turned.

A recent study led by experts from University of Texas has found out that women are to have extramarital affairs.

Wow, that’s brutal and we as females protest against this allegation. But, the truth has been spoken and ‘women’ won’t want to buy it, for all the obvious reasons.

According to this study, monogamy hasn’t evolved from the primary mating patterns of our ancestors.

It is just not natural, especially for women.

In primitive times, people had shorter life expectancies due to malnutrition and lack of proper healthcare.

Men, specifically, had a shorter life span of around 30 years only because they went out to hunt.

As soon as they died, their women found someone else, which has been termed “mate insurance” by researchers.

These women naturally had a backup plan because they knew their husbands were going to die sooner or later.

To give the devil (read women) their due, they were only trying to alleviate their sense of insecurity.

Dr David Buss, a co-author said, “Ancestral women who did not have a back-up mate would have suffered from a lapse in protection and resources.”.

Break ups and betrayals aren’t our generation’s problem. They have been happening for centuries.

Ladies can smell trouble, now their spying game can go upside down and the husbands will use this finding as their shield.

So lads, if your lady is having an affair, she is just insecure and is doing what her others from her gender have been doing for ages. Fix that!

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