Women Fall For Men Who Are Popular Among Girls

Valentine’s Day will make many love birds express their affection in the most romantic way.

Cards, letters, chocolates, roses, cupids and heart-adorned gifts consist of a perfect date plan for many. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, in year 2016 the spending on Valentine’s Day for Americans reached over $19.7 billion.

During the week before Valentine’s Day, $448 million are spent on candies alone.

While love is in the air, what are you planning? Have you planned a romantic candle light dinner with violins in the background? Or do you plan on spending the day in your PJs lazing around in your house and enjoying being single?

‘Single and so not ready to mingle’ is the mood status for thousands of people during this time of the year.

But life can be cruel for many. Laughing on the outside on ‘happily single’ memes but crying on the inside for being forever alone is a story for many.

But you can get your hopes high from a study that comes from the Psychology Department at the Texas Christian University.

Guys and girls, pay attention. The study has revealed that women are sexually attracted to men who have attractive female friends. The presence of female friends gives a ‘halo-effect’ to the men. This ‘halo-effect’ helps men in being considered suitable by women.

The study lead, Dr Sarah Hill, reckons that a woman finds a man attractive when he has a desirable appeal for other women. Through conducting two experiments to measure the scale of desirability and attractiveness of men by looking at their pictures, women scored those men high who had pictures with a girl while those who stood alone rated low in desirability.

So girls you can use this rule of thumb to find yourself an eligible bachelor, while guys who are not friends with girls can hire wing-woman to help them find a date. These wing-women will help you set up with the right girl. As the business is already on a rise, you might as well try your luck.

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