Men Over 50 — There Is Still Chance To Live The Next 50 Years Healthily

Now that you are at the twilight of your life, what matters most is what still is in your control, such as your attitude, your waist size and your health.

What if men plan their life’s’ do’s and don’ts’ the way they plan for their retirement? What if they decide to knock down

their few bad habits early on in their life, in their 50’s to be exact, and embrace some good ones? If they do this there are chances that their life expectancy rate multiplies and they live longer and healthily.

Instead of whining over what you have lost, start planning good for what is still left.

To clear the unclear, I was specifically pointing towards men who are over 50 and are likely to develop health conditions but still desire to live the remaining part of their life healthily.

There are a couple of things that needed to be excluded and few things are mandatory to be added in the current stream of their lives if they desire so.

A list containing 5 mandatory steps to be added in your life style if men over 50 needs to live another 50 years of their lives conveniently.

1.Quit Smoking To Live Longer

Believe me or not, smoking works like slow poison that quietly penetrates your metabolic system and chokes everything – says the study from the National Cancer Institute at National Institutes of Health (NIH). Apparently, the symptoms appear later but your interior gets affected with every puff you take and every buff you make. So, drop it off. Say goodbye to smoking if you need your lungs to not ditch you in the middle.

2.Munch Healthy For The Sake Of Your Heart

Eating healthy food takes you a mile away from many life-threatening diseases such as heart conditions, diabetes and depression etc. Your selection of food directly represents your quality of life.

Research from the University of East Anglia (UEA) says that protein rich diet works wonder for heart. If you consume meat and plant-based proteins, you will have better blood pressure and blood vessel functioning. Also, you should reduce salt and alcohol intake and be physically active.

If you already have a heart disease, consider taking dietary supplements for heart but do it only after consultation with the doctor.

3.Say Goodbye To Being A Couch Potato

Stand, walk, or may be run but don’t sit still, not for longer. Your sedentary life is not good for you. A not so good friend, you know. Exercise and motion in life is as important as air is to breath.

4.Screening Tests For Men

It has been noticed that men visited less for their routine screening tests to their GP’s comparatively to women who are more concerned about their health. But this is not good, which is why it is highly recommended for the men over 50 to have these screening tests get done on a routine basis. The US Preventive Services Task Force recommends you get:

  • Blood pressure reading – at least twice a year if it is normal (<120/80), once if it is elevated.
  • Cholesterol test – once every five years
  • Colorectal screening – fecal occult blood test every year; sigmoidoscopy every five years; colonoscopy every 10 years
  • Diabetes screening – if you are above 40 and have an additional risk factor such as family history or obesity
  • Weight and Height screening – once every 10 years
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) tests – get yourself tested for syphilis if you have unprotected sex
  • Prostate –specific antigen (PSA) test – if and when needed.
  • Lung cancer test – annual screening
  • Hepatitis B and C virus tests

    5.Set A Spark In Your Life

Work, money and job are important, it makes sense, doesn’t it? But there is another life, a life which is characterized as a fun-loving life. A life full of activities, friends, family and hobbies etc. while we run after money and work, we miss this part of life and then wonder that what happened? So, make sure you are not in the list of such wonderers and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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