A brain tumor patient is trying to raise awareness amongst people about how they must take continuous headaches seriously. Emily Corrigan, was diagnosed with a rare case of brain tumor known as an astrocytoma.

She is a mother of 4 children and has had vigorous headaches. She often used to feel tired but thought it was due to her hectic routine, of looking after her kids. She never realised that it could be a life-threatening disease.

Emily thought of herself as a healthy person. But in July 2015, she was found unconscious by her husband, who rushed her to the hospital. She was shocked to find herself in a hospital room. Emily wouldn’t have found out about her disease, if not for her unconsciousness.

Doctors revealed it to Emily that she was suffering from stage 2 astrocytomas, which can grow in different parts of the brain. The tumor can attack the spinal cord as well and mostly causes severe headaches and seizures. Doctors suggested that Emily must undergo a surgery as soon as possible. She was explained that a bone from her skull would be removed to mitigate the tumor.

Emily with her family - Image Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Emily with her family – Image Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Emily’s surgery was a success and she was warned by the surgeons, that there were still chances of the tumour’s return. She bears a scar on her forehead which she has always abhorred. She doesn’t reveal it because her children get upset looking at it and wears a headband to hide it.

But after finding out that people are not aware of the symptoms of this disease, and due to the scarcity of funds available for treatment of the tumour, she shared the picture of her scar on Facebook. She said, “I’ve always been a massive supporter of cancer research, it’s touched my life many times, but I was absolutely shocked to hear the biggest cancer killer of under 40’s receives so little acknowledgement or funding.”

Therefore, she started a petition to get signatures from people who support research regarding brain tumor. If she manages to get more than 100,000 signatures, the matter will be discussed in the parliament.

Emily shared her picture to tell people about this lethal disease. She recounted that while she was at the hospital a woman celebrated her 80th birthday, the only old lady in that ward as everyone else was under the age of 40.

Emily met many parents who lost their children to brain tumor, many of them were people who could not afford to get it treated. She is thankful that her tumor was detected timely and now she can share precious moments with her family.

She urges everyone to sign the petition so that government may increase funds for the research and treatment of brain tumors. Her post on facebook has gotten 18,000 shares and over 110,000 signatures which confirm that it will be discussed in parliament.