Brazil Raises Concerns about the Efficacy of the Chinese Vaccine Sinovac

Brazil upon testing the Chinese vaccine Sinovac concluded that it is only 50.4% effective which is disappointing. Most of the vaccines being developed up till now have greater than 75% efficacy which makes the Sinovac vaccine look like a bad option.

The efficacy of the sinovac vaccine released by Brazil is done on the basis of proper third phase clinical trials.

The efficacy of the vaccine stated by the Chinese company was more than what was found out in Brazil which was a shocking factor for other countries. It is known that for the Emergency Use Authorization, barely greater than 50% efficacy is required to get the approval for public use.

Brazil has two vaccines in line so as to buy them for their people; one of which was the Sinovac vaccine.

Brazil is one of those countries which are badly affected by the pandemic. More than 64,000 cases have been reported this Tuesday. They have an overall 8.2 million cases and more than two hundred thousand deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

The overwhelming number of cases and the alarming situation of Covid-19, calls the urgency for the right vaccine for a large population. The government of course yearns for the best vaccine it can provide to its people. Chinese vaccine was one of them which were in line to inoculate among the masses but the government has now expressed extreme disappointment.

Sinovac is a Chinese Pharmaceutical Company which has been working on its vaccine brand Coronovac. It is an inactivated vaccine which would be inoculated intramuscularly. It was developed by inoculating into the SARS-CoV-2 CN2 strain inside Vero Cells and deactivating it with B-propiolactone.

In preclinical trials, rats were employed to see the results of the inactivation of the virus. It was found that the vaccine worked against more than ten strains of Covid-19. The vaccine was already contracted by several countries including Indonesia, Brazil and Ukraine when it was in the last stages of clinical trials.

Surprisingly, another institute in Brazil named Butantan Institute also conducted the clinical trials and came to the results that the vaccine prepared by Sinovac was more than 78% effective which is good enough to satisfy the immunization needs of the majority of the people.

Later on Tuesday, they also said that the vaccine worked against mild to severe infections and the tests were not performed on very mild cases that do not need any clinical assistance.

The two statements given by the Brazilian institutes contradict with their statements. Later on, the Chinese company in their defense stated that the vaccine had a good efficacy and Brazil actually delayed the release of the results than expected which is a point to ponder. Bhutan reinstated that the vaccine was more than 50.4% effective rather it was nearly 78% effective especially against moderate level infections which is a case for the majority of the population in Brazil.

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