China Reports Highest Number of Asymptomatic Cases Since April

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and the highest reported cases in April, China has once again reported the highest number of asymptomatic cases. The surge in asymptomatic Covid-19 cases has been reported in Xinjiang, China. After the extensive tracking of recorded cases, local health authorities found a cluster of 137 confirmed Covid-19 cases which were found to be linked to a garment factory in the Xinjiang region.

Last year, in the central city of Wuhan, the novel coronavirus emerged or the first time, affecting 85,810, cases and 4,634 mortalities. The coronavirus caused by a SARS-CoV-2 is an inciting panic as the virus is new and researchers has no previous knowledge.

Moreover, the virus is new, which implicates that since this is the first time that people are exposed to this virus, they have not developed any immunity against this virus. Further, there is no vaccine available. Since the virus is contagious, it can transfer from person to person and most of the time people are not even aware that they are infected.

Asymptomatic cases are believed one of the major risk factors of virus transmission, making it hard to comply the social distancing recommendations issued by US.

On Monday, nearly in seven months, highest number of infectious asymptomatic cases were reported after the revelation of group of cases started in the garment factory in the northwestern region of Xinjiang. An estimated 85,810 number of confirmed Covid-19 cases were reported in the mainland China.

So far more than 4,634 deaths were reported in the country. Since in China, the asymptomatic cases are recorded separately and are not labelled “confirmed cases”, says the National Health Commission’s website, it is hard to record the actual number of cases.

Health officials revealed on Sunday, that almost 137 asymptomatic cases were reported during a test drive when 4.75 million people in the Kashgar were tested. The massive testing in the Kashgar region was started after a 17-year-old teenage who works at the garment factory in this region was found tested positive and asymptomatic on Saturday.

During the routine test in Xinjiang, it was found that the teenage was sick with the virus and has not showing symptoms. It was found that the source of infection was not clear and speculations are that the new cluster of asymptomatic cases has been linked to a separate garment factory where the girl’s parents work, however, they themselves have not tested positive.

The mass testing in the Kashgar area of Xinjiang helped in revealing that “There were 20 new “confirmed” and 161 new symptomatic cases in the previous 24 hours”. This is according to the country’s National Health Commission on Monday.

Large scale testing is in progress and officials are putting efforts to speed up the testing to stamp out other recent clusters of infection in China. While, from February peaks, sharp decline in cases was reported in mainland China, the government is still fearful of upcoming wave of infections. Officials are ramping up efforts to maintains the mass rapid testing capabilities.

Source: Siemens Healthineers

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